Visions or what

4 years ago
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Let me say, I have visions, always have. Usually small clips of a situationBut the other day, I was walking across my yard and a figure caught the corner of my eye. I stopped and watched. It was a man in some sort of working uniform, his hair cut reminded me of some one from the 1930s. Kind of short on the sides and longer on top. His clothes were a little big on him or looked as if he had been working in them and they just was sagging. I payed me no attention and walked on into the woods and disappeared. It looked like a dream but I was awake. My visions never last this long. He walked as if he had a destination and into the the same wooded area that has a lot of something going on there.Is it true you can use a compass to determine if a portal is there? Or have I watched way too much tv, lol. How can I tell what exactly is going on in this patch of woods that spirits keep traveling to and coming from ?
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