using divination tools???

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Jodi Hill
6 years ago
89 posts

I have a question if anyone might be able to give me some answers or opinions on.. Late last year, I was told by a psychic that it would be okay for me to use tarot cards and to go ahead and get me a set and that if I needed help to let her know. so I went out and bought me a few decks. Now, I also bought me many books and was trying to learn them on my own using the books and my intuition with the help of my guides. I was also told by this same psychic that I would be using a pendulum and she would be the one teaching me how to properly use it but to not get one until she said I was ready. well I went and bought a few and started using them on my own. she found out and got upset with me.

The reason being is she said I dont' know what I'm doing with either and that since at least late last year, when it was first noticed I have a demonic entity in my home and that using these items while this entity is in my home and attached to me would be of no use to me since this entity is trying to make me think it's something "good" when it's not and that it has infused it'self into my pendulums and cards with it's bad energy and that until I find a way to get rid of this demonic entity I should not be using these tools in my home or anywhere else for that matter as it's attached to me.

I thought that if you used these items for good and in a good way and asked for protection and to be surrounded by the light and that no negativity of any kind whatsoever can touch me or my tarot cards or pendulum and nothing negative may enter into my reading area that I only ask for answers from my higher self, guides of the light that I would be okay to use these items..

I had spent $100's of dollars on divination tools and books and she says that because I have something demonic attached to me that nobody would help me get rid of it unless I removed all of these items from my home to show that I am trying to get it removed from me. I've since given this psychic all of my items from my home cause of what she told me so now she tells me that most of these items she can cleanse so now she has basically made out like a bandit with all of my things. ( note_ she is not the only one who has "seen" this demonic entity around me. another person on this site has also picked up on it).

I brought in priests, and tried the sage in the house and on myself and well basically I've tried everything that everyone has mentioned to me to do and it's still here. I don't know why! but what is everyone's take on whether they think it would be okay for me to use divination tools with protection while this entity is in my home and attached to me? would it be safe to use them? thanks..Jodi

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Nocturne's Angel
6 years ago
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Forgive me for being blunt.

What did you do with the dolls?

That is going to be where the major infusion of spirit manifestation is.

Also, trust no one to clean your items, they have your personal energy within them

since you used them and you should be the one to clean them, no one else.

I will agree on this:

Until ALL Activity IS GONE,

you were posting about a demonic entity a weeks weeks back,

Until this entity and Anything else, be it the dolls who haven't crossed over,etc.

You should NOT be using any tools that you don't know how to properly navigate.

Any type of using of these tools will just allow the energy to manifest and you stated you

wanted it to leave your house.

So my advice would be to get your books and tools back, but get rid of the dolls if you still have them

and do not do anything "magical" until the "malicious entity" is gone from your house.

Cleanse your tools yourself, outside under the moon (one time should do the trick)

until this "malicious activity" is gone from your house,

but do not do anything else.

I hope this helps, because I seriously wish the best for you and your family,


Jodi Hill
6 years ago
89 posts

the dolls are already on their way out of the house. I have already gotten rid of 2 of them and have 3 more to go at the weeks end. I can't get my "tools" back now as she's already done whatever it is she was going to do with them. She said she disposed of some of them in the local river and the rest she was cleansing herself. I have no divination tools in the house at this time. I even gave her any and all books on tarot cards and pyschic development and so on. everything is gone but for a few dolls as I said that will be gone later this week.

Whatever is in this house has been here long before I even moved in and the reason I know this is cause the previous owners also were having problems. that's one of the reasons I understand why they up and sold the house. when I walked into this house 7 years ago I couldnt' put my finger on it but I told my husband i did not want this house but he bought it anyway and up till last year when this entity made itself known I kept telling my husband that I felt like I wasn't alone in the house even though nobody else was here and I hated going to the basement or my attic cause I always felt like I was being watched. I don't know what else to do but this person is telling me that because this entity is attached to me it will follow me where ever I go unless I can find a way to get rid of it. she said it is not human and never was but I can't find anybody to help me and I don't know what I'm doing on my own other than to stay strong and basically try to ignore that it's here. Jodi

Nocturne's Angel
6 years ago
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Staying positive is definitely Key!

Since you have been ignoring it and have gotten rid of your tools, has activity

slowed down in the house?

If not, you may want to see once the dolls are gone.

If the entity came with the house, I would be inclined to think that it will remain with the house,

once you move, but I cannot say that for sure.

What did the priests believe this entity to be? Did you have any other paranormal group

come in to assist you, aside from the one this woman is affiliated with?

If so, what did they say?

Someone should be able to zone in on this entity and if not banish or cross it over,

then they should be able to at least give you information as to who he is,

what type of entity he is, and possibly bind him to another plane.

If you have any information on this entity let me know.

It's name, type of entity, etc.

I will try and find someone in your area, if you'd like the help

to work with you to get rid of this entity.

Keep surrounding yourself and your loved ones in love, goodness, prayer & light!

Positive thinking, though I'm sure it's hard with all that's going on right now, will

be a reinforcing tool that you can actually use to your benefit.

Post "Positive Messages" on your refrigerator, on your walls, anywhere, but the mirrors,

lets leave any portals alone for now. Use this to remind yourself that things can and will

get better and that things will once again return to the way they should be.

Use this "Positiveness" tostrengthenyour will and your family through this tough and trying time

and everyone will reap the benefits, except the "malicious entity."



Jodi Hill
6 years ago
89 posts

I'm trying very hard to stay positive with this situation. It's so hard when none of your family really believes you and they all think it's in your head and that your doing and saying this for 'attention". none of this happened to me till I moved in this house and then started messing with that group which I am no longer apart of due to I got kicked off because of my haunting and also cause I made some comments about the leader of the group and how she keeps contradicting herself and the person I made the comments to went and told her and she got pissed and kicked me off the group. she said that chip coffey, john zaffis and many other "famous" psychics she deals with told her to get rid of me and to stay away from me until "I" get rid of this entity. they keep telling me I'm the only one who can get rid of it but I'm not sure what they are talking about. I have 2 catholic priests here in town scheduling to come full force into my home in about a week or so to see if they can take care of this once and for all. one of them is higher up than the other and has more dealings with this stuff so I'm staying hopeful..Jodi

Jodi Hill
6 years ago
89 posts

thanks for all the replies on this situation. some days I feel alone in this as not many people in my family believe me. it's not happening to them or my husband but recently things have started happening to my mom who lives here in the house with us. she's getting ready to move out though in a few weeks to my other sisters house who by the way is REALLY depressed. I can't even be around her anymore cause she is one of the most negative people I know and she brings me down.

I do have catholic priests coming in about a week or two. one of them is higher up than the other and has more dealings with this sort of thing. they are going to try and get this entity removed once and for all. I want it gone from me and my home. i try to stay positive but some days it's harder than others knowing something is attached to me and draining my energy to survive. I hate it! I feel it around me all the time. the only information I have on this entity is that it can only take on half form of a human so the bottom half of it looks like he's wearing jeans and shoes. this psychic who first told me about it said her and her son saw it one day while they were here in the house. her son is very gifted and see's them more than she does. but she said it is a lower class demon and just recently she described it's fingers as being really long almost clawlike. that's all she would tell me cause she doesnt' want to scare me. it seems to hide when she comes to the house and she said the reason it does that is cause it's afraid of her cause of who she is and what she can do. well if that's the case why then can't she DO something?? I can't get any group to come here and since she's been involved with me she won't bring her small group in especially cause of what's here she said. I have contacted paranormal state and John Zaffis on my own as well as a few others but this psychic tells me that nobody will come in and help me unless she tells them it's okay now to do so.. this makes no sense to me..i don't know why it's here or what it wants other than she said it wants to hurt me..well hearing that from her makes it really hard to stay upbeat knowing there is something in my home that I can't see that apparently is demonic that wants to hurt me..Jodi

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