Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
7 years ago
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Forgive me for being blunt.

What did you do with the dolls?

That is going to be where the major infusion of spirit manifestation is.

Also, trust no one to clean your items, they have your personal energy within them

since you used them and you should be the one to clean them, no one else.

I will agree on this:

Until ALL Activity IS GONE,

you were posting about a demonic entity a weeks weeks back,

Until this entity and Anything else, be it the dolls who haven't crossed over,etc.

You should NOT be using any tools that you don't know how to properly navigate.

Any type of using of these tools will just allow the energy to manifest and you stated you

wanted it to leave your house.

So my advice would be to get your books and tools back, but get rid of the dolls if you still have them

and do not do anything "magical" until the "malicious entity" is gone from your house.

Cleanse your tools yourself, outside under the moon (one time should do the trick)

until this "malicious activity" is gone from your house,

but do not do anything else.

I hope this helps, because I seriously wish the best for you and your family,


Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
7 years ago
928 posts

Staying positive is definitely Key!

Since you have been ignoring it and have gotten rid of your tools, has activity

slowed down in the house?

If not, you may want to see once the dolls are gone.

If the entity came with the house, I would be inclined to think that it will remain with the house,

once you move, but I cannot say that for sure.

What did the priests believe this entity to be? Did you have any other paranormal group

come in to assist you, aside from the one this woman is affiliated with?

If so, what did they say?

Someone should be able to zone in on this entity and if not banish or cross it over,

then they should be able to at least give you information as to who he is,

what type of entity he is, and possibly bind him to another plane.

If you have any information on this entity let me know.

It's name, type of entity, etc.

I will try and find someone in your area, if you'd like the help

to work with you to get rid of this entity.

Keep surrounding yourself and your loved ones in love, goodness, prayer & light!

Positive thinking, though I'm sure it's hard with all that's going on right now, will

be a reinforcing tool that you can actually use to your benefit.

Post "Positive Messages" on your refrigerator, on your walls, anywhere, but the mirrors,

lets leave any portals alone for now. Use this to remind yourself that things can and will

get better and that things will once again return to the way they should be.

Use this "Positiveness" tostrengthenyour will and your family through this tough and trying time

and everyone will reap the benefits, except the "malicious entity."



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