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i'm not really sure where to begin with trying to explain my situation, i live in an old house and several family members of mine can see spirits, well my room in particular i refuse to sleep in. i personally have never seen anything in there but something in and around my room has been scaring my children to the point that we sleep downstairs in the livingroom. I don't want to come right out and say its definitely a demon but everytime anyone in the house is alone in the room you just get this feeling of uneasiness and sometimes dread, my fathers girlfriend has felt nauseous just walking passed the room to the bathroom whereas she felt perfectly fine before walking down the hallway. The first occurance of it scaring my children was over a week ago and its just becoming more and more frequent. I'd like to say its because of the house but this isn't the first place i've lived where this happened. I lived in a completely different state in an apartment and something was scaring and bothering my oldest son there too. They are only 1 and 2. Its a big worry of mine. Is there possibly anything i can do to help keep evil away? I don't want to block out all spirits because my mother and grandmother have passed and they do visit frequently. Also is there a name for people who can only see demons? I've heard of some people only seeing good or evil but i wasn't sure if they would still be known as a medium or if there was a different name.

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I have to run, but this link will help you. Read up on Michael and Uriel.

Archangels and You


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You can do this: http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/profiles/blogs/house-cleansing

Don't let your kids see you or they might get spooked. It would be prudent to not let them think there is anything to fear. Sometimes fear itself can make for strange events.

I don't think it is a demon or anything to fear since you are routinely inviting spirits into your home. It might be a good idea to not do that and ask them all to leave your space for the living while they go on to where they need to go. Tarot cards and other such activities can sometimes bring energies around. If you are going to do that kind of thing you will need to read up on working with the energies you invoke. If there is anything there, it probably doesn't even know it is doing something wrong. .You can let it know what you want to be done.

If there is no one in your home routinely who is of a very negative nature (like very hateful, selfish, cruel, addicted to drugs, depressed, mental illness, etc) you shouldn't have any problem solving this with a simple space cleansing.

Hope that helps:)

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