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Just Stevie
4 years ago
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Still trying to wrap my head around sightings and now I am experiencing things I REALLY don't understand.
For instance there is a ceiling fan that has large petal like paddles with a light over my bed. There is a large picture frame on the wall behind the bed.
When I look at the fan it starts to shake - just enough to make me think "delusional". Yesterday I went into the bedroom to get my tablet off the bed. I looked at the ceiling fan and it looked like it had a ton of dust on all the paddles but there wasn't. Then I saw what looked like a loose gathering of random dust about the size of a beach ball jump from the fan to the wall and disappear. Ok, blink, blink, that did not just happen.
I reached for my tablet and it seemed like there was very thin black netting extending from it. I moved it vicariously around but it stayed attached to the bed and would stretch until I tried to touch it.
The picture incident happened a few days before but I shook it off. I was in bed and when I looked behind me there appeared to be the same type of random dust collection pushing the picture away from the wall. I was afraid it meant it was gonna fall.
I know this is a lot of information but I couldn't shorten it and have it be understandable.
FYI. I Have had Vitreous and it's not like that. I pondered mini stroke but been there done that - Simular but way differnt.
So my question is: Is this kind of stuff even a thing.?

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