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I have been working on a post for a couple months. I keep adding more & more. It's not only a book now it's leaning toward a series.
So Fresh Start w/bullet points
It's been 6+ months since the saga began.
1) I am a skeptic turned believer...?
2) I began to see ghosts, spirits, apparitions or as I call them "Visitors" nightly.
3) I am not dreaming. I am awake and alert. If asleep I sense them and awaken when they are there.
4) There has never been a repeat performance. Each one is different. None have been familiar or connected to me in anyway.
5) There is a difference in the way each appear. Some are brighter and have more substance. Many are wispy and tentative. A few try to interact or communicate - no success so far.
6) There could be men, women, children, babies, families, friends, dogs, cats or asst wild animals.
7) Some seem to want to be there. Some look at me puzzled. Some may be shopping, on they're way to a picnic, even sitting in a restaurt having a drink. In many cases I feel like an intruder.
8) They appear to be from different Eras in time i.e. the Royal Court & Powdered wigs thru the 40s, 50s, 60s etc.
9) They appear in normal size and occasionally in extra large; where they needed to bend as they walked through. (only men)
10) I can usually give very detailed descriptions. I can report colors in some although, I don't really see them. I just "know" the hair is blond, the shoes are black or the suit brown.
11) Most are full bodied, however, some are only faces or glimpses in such a short time I can only get impressions.
12) First it was only the visitors. At some point webs started to appear. They still are predominantly in the master bedroom but now appearing throughout the house. They seem to have their own agenda. They almost always spread themselves up, down and across; encompassing the entire room. They start bunched in small groups. They are black & thick when they start out. Spider like legs attach themselves to something and spread. Many groups intertwine and stretch until they become almost translucent like cobwebs or spider webs. The difference is they are always moving and reorganizing. Sometimes they appear in cabinets or crawl down the hall. They are predominant at night, however, they are often appearing in the day; just harder to see. They will even attach themselves to me.
13) This seems related to the webs. I can look at a wall, the bed, the rocking chair and it will move and ripple. Likewise with several other things. I do not always get the reaction so it can't be my imagination.
14) There are a few bizarre happenings that may or may not be related
a) At times I feel a light pressure around my wrists and forarms like a wrap.
b)Occasionally I feel a drop of water/rain mostly on my arms or legs. Of course, there is obviously no wetness.
c) I have several computers, laptops, tablets and cellphones. Every one is acting up with different types of problems.
This is probably way off but I got to wonder...
d) I went to my Optometrist and a few weeks later I saw my Ophthalmologist. She was very puzzled. She said she had never seen such a drastic difference in vision. It was not in a good way. She is gonna check know again in a few weeks.
Oh, shoot, there is something else. This is turning into a book too!
e) Sometimes walls or windows appear to be covered by a gauzy tapestry type curtain. If I reach through there seems to be no end and I lose depth perception.
15) I will wrap this up by saying "I am the ONLY person seeing any of this".
The webs are the worst. They are annoying and intrusive.
I have never been fearful.
I just am trying to find a connection somewhere to something.
I can't be the only person this is happening to.
If I am I must be pretty special!
There must be something I am supposed to do. It can't be happening for no reason.
Or... I am losing my mind.
P.S. I live in a remote area. No reliable specialists.
I am under a lot of stress but can not make any changes at this time.

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Hi Stevie

This is all very interesting as I have kept track of these incidents in your life. I , too, have never heard of such a concerted series of events happening to one person.It seems to methat youhave access to adoorway of somesort that is trans-dimensional.Thatthepeople whoyou are seeing are also aware of you and have made an effortto communicate with you is also very interesting. Perhaps youshould try to make asign or poster with large letters on it to see if they would react to it or do the same from their perspective. You may seem to be a spirit as well from their perspective. I have forwarded this topic to other people and if I hear of any suggestions I will let you know. Thank you so very much for posting this topic and please keep us informed as to what progresses. You are definitely NOT making this up and I do believe that this is real.

Throw some love into the wind.


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