Spirit in the Ladies' Room

Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
4 years ago
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Does anyone have any idea why I saw a spirit in the ladies' room at work? I was the only one in it, in a stall. I was also feeling rather stressed out. Through the crack in the stall I saw a whitish shape move back and forth, twice. I looked away, looked again and it was gone. A few moments later I looked up and it was there again. I have the vaguest impression of possibly dark hair, but that's about it.

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4 years ago
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Hi Angel, actually you can also let her know it is okay to use your light to cross over. You will feel it happen and also know it. Usually they are very grateful and will tell you too.

Dan : )

4 years ago
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Hi Debbie

If this is someone that needs your help I also suggest that you ask for the aid of Archangel Azrael as this is his specialty. You can learn more about him by clicking on thislink.

Archangel Azrael


This may also be someone from the spirit realm that wishes to talk to you on another subject. Either way I think that you should talk with them and find out what they wish to talk about.Both you andherare of the Light so everything should be fine. Also ask your guardian angel to get involved. Keep us informed about what happens.

Throw some love into the wind.


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