Soulless Eyes

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2 years ago
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I see things in people that cannot be explained. Some good, some not so good. I've noticed when I make eye contact with certain people, they can't look away. It's like they're hypnotized. But they're eyes seem so blank, like nothing's there. As they hold my gaze, they give me this creepy smile, and slowly turn their heads to the side. This freaks me out so much I have to look away. Then they just snap out of it as if nothing happens. I've also notice that some people turn to light and some turn to dark and don't realize it. I've seen people switch, and become something else, not aware of themselves. It's quite frightening. I just would like to know exactly what is going on with me so I can have some kind of control over it. It isn't all bad. I feel more connected with my world. I read messages and signs that are very subtle but I know they are meant for me. I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of good luck or blessings as the christians would call them. I can communicate with animals, and I can look at a person's eyes and just know things. It's like my self tells me everything I need to know. When I listen to people talk or listen to music I can switch my hearing, and I hear a different message with the exact same words. I am really close to losing my mind, so I've been going to church. Babies smile at me & church going people gravitate toward me. I can literally feel people's emotions in my body as if they are my own. It is ALOT to take on, and I have only been aware of this the past year. I know it has probably always been there, but I feel like I woke up from this life long dream and feel truly awake.

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2 years ago
783 posts sounds like your brain is overloaded....and having difficuly grounding.....your brain is shifting to different frequecies...the people you look at are not changing...I have gifts as well ....yours sound mine opened up...I couldn't quite believe what was happening was did turn out I had natural gas and sewer gases leaking into the house and those were ungrounding my brain and energy systems with toxic gifts opened up at that time in a big way...I didn't know about the's a good idea just to look around your home for anything that may be causing the overload and check anything electrical too....if there's nothing then learning a few grounding techniques would be good...I still have my gifts...but I'm feeling a lot more grounded and sure about my abilities....more in control....and a bit calmer....grounding will help slow it down

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