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Just Stevie
last year
83 posts

I seem to be dominating this group page; if it's a bad thing, sorry. If not I would love to have anybody & everybody share and compare.
I have heard from many of you and I appreciate the time and the benefit of your knowledge that's been given to me.

This, for me, started a few months ago. It came on like gangbusters! - no "hmmm"... no "well that was weird" no knowledge of what was happening but plenty of skepticism. I see the world in terms of common sense, a reason for everything. I lean toward the science of life. I am more the Metaphysical and not the Esoteric.
I am starting to see where they could both exist.
I have so many questions and very few answers. I rather think that the answers may come as I learn. Most of the questions are theoretical but with a little help maybe I can pair the Metaphysical with the Esoterical and create a coexistence.

So... What, When, Where, Why and How
I would love to know what others are experiencing; especially rookies like me.
Do the objects and physical matter really move or do we just "see" the result of an attempt to get attention and open a line of communication?
Is it often, is it the same, is it one ghost /spirits or many?
Are they familiar or of no consequence?
Does it feel safe or troublesome; good or bad?
Was it recognizable in correlation to expectation?
Are they helpful or harmful? How do you know? Do they want or need something?
The biggie is: Where are they when they are not with you?
Also, exactly what is an Angel and what is a Mentor? (I know the meaning but not how it applies)

I would also be interested in knowing whether there is a common denominator.
Are there similar physical or mental conditions? Unconfirmed ailments? A predisposition for certain medical conditions?

I had depression, Fibromyalgia, Empathic, unmanageable stress and now it seems a potential for Mediumship.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and was a pet owner. I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I had a great job at which I excelled in. I was on several boards. I founded and ran a charity. I always put too much on my plate yet managed to accomplish all goals. I thrived on stress.
Then after one undiagnosed medical problem after another; Eureka! I had a name "Fibromyalgia". The bad news is you have to deal with it and watch as your life slips away from you. Life today is a shell of what it was.
Are these types of tendencies a golden ticket for insightfulness?

And do you at times feel like this life we humans live is pointless?
The greed, the selfness, the cruelty, the lack of morality, the attitude of pleasure first, the lack of compensation for effort and value; choosing to reward those who can supply pleasure.

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Janett Niemi
last year
86 posts

Always good to meet another Empath, so Welcome.

I will try and address your health issues.

Medical issues are spiritual issues (actually, most problems are spiritual issues) When we fill our life with an agenda of "More," (more jobs, more volunteer work, more soccer practices, more, more, more) we are hiding from life. Got a problem and you don't know how to solve it? Just put another job on your "to-do list" and you won't have the time to address it-took care of that! But, the problem is, it doesn't. It may be hidden but it never goes away. It festers within the body and appears again as a bodily problem. When you become ill, it is your body's way of saying, "Hey, take a look at me. I'm NOT happy."

Take a look at your ailment and discover where you are spiritually lacking. Louise Hay, a leader in the self-help movement explains that Fibromyalgia as an autoimmune disease, where the root cause seems to be: Not loving self.This idea is huge and complex. The simple version is: that we don't like how we look, how we act, etc. (that it is a self-hating proposition) But, the bigger version is this, By doing for others, putting others first, we are telling self that we are not as important as others. When making mistakes, we blame self, not others. Filling our days with projects and activities for others, we are telling self that others are more deserving of our time.

How do you heal self? Start with baby steps. Give yourself permission to accept self, to like self and finally to love self. 1. When passing a mirror, catch yourself first and say, I am beautiful. 2. When someone asks you to do something, say NO. Be kind, but be firm. 3. Allow yourself a "just me" day. Go to a spa and splurge on yourself or light some candles and take a private bath. No money or no time? Go in a quiet room and give yourself a few minutes and just breathe. Think of nothing else but yourself and breathe.

The more you put yourself first, the happier your body will begin to feel. Remember, we come to this earth alone and we leave it alone, so wouldn't it be fair to say that "self" should be your highest priority? The next time you waiver, tell yourself, It's all about ME! I LOVE ME!

Just Stevie
last year
83 posts


Thank, you for your kind words of encouragement.

I am afraid I am my own worst enemy.

Janett Niemi
last year
86 posts

Ah, we all are our own worst enemy! I struggle with NOT LOVING SELF all the time, too. Too many years of the "old school" conditioning, the "Never toot your own horn," "Sit, speak, like a LADY," "No man will want you if you are FAT," "Get your head out of the clouds, kid...." It is something that you (I, WE) need to be constantly aware of happening and monitor it. Be your own cheerleader.

Sending you lots of cheering, "rah, rah!" You can do it!


last year
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last year
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I read a few other posts and I noticed that you had some concerns on whether or not it was hallucinations. I also read that you experienced a stroke. Fibermyalia also targets the nerve endings and could create a hyperactive nervous system. Many Empath's also have severe anxiety disorders, and I noticed that this hyperactive CNS contributes to the sensitivity level of emotions, and spirits. so I have a theory. First, if you are still concerned or not sure if it's real or not, you can get some tests from your doctor to make sure that everything is the way it should be. Once you debunk any medical problems you can start investigating the paranormal.

But I do feel that if it is paranormal, then the stroke could have opened that part of your psychic abilities. It's not uncommon for someone to have a a sickness or injury and then be able to connect with spirit :) I've heard this happens alot. I think it's something about being that close to death that opens that part of them and makes them sensitive to it because they were so close to it. Or it could be, like I said, a hyperactive CNS from the fibermyoalga that continues to your heightened sensitivity to the spirit realm.

It doesn't mean that the ability isn't already within you, it just means that this physical body is the mode to bring it out with:)

The depression is what may be causing you to draw in the type of spirits that you attract. There are different types of spirits from different realms and "like attracts like". When someone is depressed there is a lower energy associated with that and also alot of pain buried within, this energy often attracts spirits that are also in pain and haven;t yet crossed over yet. Some are lost souls and some are earthbound. They all look for help :) and your right, it's like Grand Central Station! They come and when they leave another or more come in. They are drawn to your light and come to you for help. Some Mediums are advisors and try to cross them over. This can be good and rewarding, so long as they actually want to cross over :) My rule of thumb is that I ask them first, are you wanting to cross over? If they tell me no, if I feel they are not being forthcoming, If I notice they start playing games or if they hide, I kick to them to the curb. The reason why is because I learned the hard way that if I keep them around, they have a tendency of getting to comfortable and start reeking havoc. I also have a daughter who is a Medium and in order to protect her from them, I can't afford to play games with them and they know this.

The main idea is to maintain control. It's your life, your space and you dictate the rules. If they don't want to go by your rules, get rid of them!This will save you alot of grief. With earthbound spirits and lost souls, they are still bound by their lives, their emotions, their thoughts and are just as unpredictable as a stranger walking down the street. The only differance is that they no longer have a body, but they are still living human being, just no body. You tell them how things will be done, you tell them how close they can get to you, ect. You dictate everything. If they don't want to comply, then chances are their intentions aren't pure anyway's and you don't want to deal with them. There are plenty of Mediums on the planet to deal with them. Their ability to cross over can only be decided by them, either they want to go or they don't.

When dealing with these kinds of spirits, you also deal with non-human entities to include shadows and not so nice entities. They often attach themselves to lost souls and use their energy, so Mediums helping them are often a taget because they don't want to loose their feeding source.

The first steps I would take is to learn to ground and shield your energy. Then connect with your "light" source, whether it be God, Angels, Buddah, whoever you connect with on a higher spiritual level and connect with that energy first. Once you recognize that energy, it will be easier to discern the other spirits because their energy will be lower. It will also give you an anchor so when you are helping them, your not doing it solo, that light energy is your safty net.

Anyway's these are a few things that helped me out and am just sharing it it case it may help you. As time goes on, you will find your own way of doing things that will work best for you. I hope this helps, Blessed Be,


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