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During my most recent lightworking session on a little girl (with permission from her mother) I saw her true form. The girl is very clearly Fae and my first awakened encounter of one.Since then my interest has been piqied as to the different types of Fae and the Fae community. I'm being pushed to research/discover this world.Does anyone have recommendations for where to begin? I feel like I'm fumbling in the dark.Thanks in advance.Love and LightCait
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last year
12 posts
THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. Oh my!! Okay so i realize you posted this back on the 5th, but im so glad i stumbled upon it because i feel like i have an overwhelming amount of things to say (and also, i have questions for you about your ability to see fae as true form!). Im not very aware of exactly what transpires in a lightworking session, as ive only recently awakened and am still learning a LOT.
I have to say, there is MORE beyond just what write-ups are easily accessible on the internet and this topic is super frustrating (especially if you know your true form IS Fae and are looking for deep answers to the million questions you have, which is where i have been at!). In my scouring journey of trying to uncover information about others who are like me, i have watched documentaries, skimmed online forums, read books, read articles, stuff about soul origins, etc etc and nothing has resonated with exactly what i am looking for EXCEPT ONE book. It is called "Hybrids: So You Think You Are Human", by Tanis Helliwell. Ive felt like i was just crazy, after a wild goose chase trying to understand these vivid soul memory dreams ive experienced, and why certain things happen to me UNTIL i read this book. I wish there was more information in it, but this is all ive found so far that matches up the closest. Youre definitely not alone on researching/discovering more about Fae, and i will gladly share as much as i can with you if there is more information or help i can offer, dont hesitate to ask! Ive found online forums to be incredibly intimidating, and havent felt safe posting questions for just whomever might stumble upon it, because i felt susceptible to *something*...i dont know if that makes sense. One is a community online which might give some information, it is free to join and they seem very welcoming to those who have inquiries. I, personally, have just felt more comfortable and safe here with the empath community.
I hope this helps! Id love to help you more if i can. Let me know =>
Sending you loving light!

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