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Just Stevie
last year
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PLEASE I am not making this stuff up.Bing? FG? Bill? Anyone?I have read and researched as was suggested. I have been receptive to new ideas but I have yet to come across anything like I am experiencing. I will try to be brief and concise but there is so much vastly different activity it's near impossible. It's all happening and I don't know what to do. I am not afraid but it's discomforting to know you'll be awakened in the night by who knows what. I have lived in this house for 3 yrs. It was built in 2007. I have had a few contacts in the past with the unexplained. One was 3 white shapes (?) peeking around a corner and the other was many moons ago. A run in with a VERY EVIL spirit while using a Ouija board; haven't touched one since.So...I have been seeing ghosts / apparitions for about 3 months; almost every night. No two are ever alike, they are not anyone I know or have known, the one thing they have in common is the ceiling fan over my head. It has large petal like blades and a drop down rod. It seems to try to communicate with me. Day or night I can look at it and much of the time the blades will slightly tilt. If I ignore it the movements get more urgent. I have even seen the light beneath shake. It is most active at night. I'll get back to this in a moment. Appearing pretty much every night are the "visitors". They have included men, women, teens, children, a family and a dog. Most of them stand next to my bed. Some how I sense them and wake up. We stare at each and I try in vein to communicate but they just fade away. It feels like they are seeking something from me. Sometimes I sense them in advance. I get a strange tingle through out my body.Most of them are white static; some more so than others. A few are more realistic. One was so life like I thought it was my daughter there to tell me I was late getting her to school. I jumped up, got dressed and was ready to leave when my husband stopped me, telling me it was 4 o'clock in the morning. One time my husband woke me and I wouldn't believe it was him until i touched him. Lately they are fainter. Maybe because I am getting weaker. Seriously weak. A few have been a little hostile. One night there was a woman more nondescript that tried to cover me with her form. Another night I awoke to see skeleton heads on each side of my pillow. I felt they were there to prevent my interference. The entire ceiling was covered with white assorted shapes making a beeline to and through the glass slider. The flow slowed considerably once I told the skeletons to leave. I do the same to any others I feel are too assertive. I tell them they are not being nice and I don't like it and they need to leave. At some point I saw a card stock skeleton hanging from the ceiling. The night before was particularly disturbing. I had just closed my eyes when I had the urge to open them. A man, I am not sure what he looked like because it caught me off guard was coming toward me. He rapidly changed to an Army soldier in full gear with helmet and mud on his face. He then changed to a grey haired man in a grey business suit and tie. He kept getting closer. The next face didn't seem human but I couldn't tell because at this point he literally was looming over me and attempting to put his face in mine. I pushed him away and told him I didn't like that, to go away... Getting back to the ceiling fan. It seems to be a hub of sorts. (this sounds really stupid) It sends out various light rays toward the slider and shapes are reflected on the vertical blinds.That night, although there were minor similar incidents before; the tips of the ceiling fan paddles were emitting very thin spider type webbing through out the bedroom. It was near invisible except there were a million tiny sparkling lights throughout.Lastly, there is an area on the bathroom Spanish moss textured wall (it backs up to the shower) that sometimes pulsates and seems to have something like a mole on the inside burrowing underneath the paint. I also heard music in the shower as if a speaker was in the corner blasting out full melody and lyrics. (Hearing music that no one else does is not uncommon for me, just not as clear) Oh I forgot about the black netting. One night when I was outside, a black netting was draped vicariously across my entire front lawn. It was a little thicker than a spider web and was strewn about more like a volleyball net.Ok, So it seems I have written a book but it was necessary to show the magnitude.Any thoughts or ideas?.Last night, before I could send this; a man in dress shirt and tie (the torso) pointed a gun at me and pretended to shoot it. Then disappeared. Same webbing and sparkling lights.My husband is supportive but never sees any of this.
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Nocturne's Angel
last year
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Contact John Zaffis at his website

last year
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Hi Stevie,

Your house is very new, if you don't know about it already, a history of the property would be a Big help. It's a possibility that these entities are telling you a story in the best way available to them. Sounds like a mentor for your growing medium-ship talents would be a great help too!

From what you have written, they respect and listen to you when you stand your ground. You have your connection to the Divine and your spirit guides at your side with the power of the white light. Along with the help of this list.

Bill Walker
last year
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I believe that your medium abilities are just now starting to take hold. It sounds as if your spirits are just trying to get through to you so their is nothing to be to concerned about. I also want you to try communicating with these spirits by asking them to create a mental images for you to interpret. This is how many mediums get there information which they then have to interpret.

You are the one who gets to set all of the boundaries so let your guests know when you are open to them. You might even pick an hour a day and tell the spirits that this is their time to try and make the connection. Unfortunately I'm not very gifted as a medium. I consider myself very intuitive and/or sensitive to the point where I know when spirits are around or inhabiting a house or business but I have little ability to actually communicate with them accept to just start talking when I know a spirit presence is around. On occasion I will get a feeling back if I'm close to what they are looking for, but little else.

Both Maria and Nocturne's Angel are probably more gifted and informative when it comes to these kinds of questions. Don't be afraid to personal message them if you feel that you don't want the general EC population looking on your posts, but with that said, remember that a few of these people, Nocturne's Angel being one, have been around this site for quite a long time and have read and responded to many similar questions so nothing that you write even comes close to being unbelievable or ridicules. Take a deep breath, you're in good hands, in very loving souls!

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Hi Just Stevie

Maria has given you some good advice. A history of the area would be a good place to start. You can check this out with your local municipal government or historical association. Did you buy the house new and if not did you purchase the ceiling fan yourself or did it come with the house? Did this start before or after you used the Ouija board? Do you have any large mirrors in your house and is there any action around them if you do?

Do you have any pets and if you do how are they acting. If you do not do not get one until this is all cleared up. Do not be surprised if no animals will enter your house as they are very aware of these situations and entities.

I am glad that you no longer use a Ouija board. It is spiritually similar to moving into a bad neighbourhood and taking the door off of your residence and putting a welcome sign on the lawn. If you have the board in your house get rid of it right away ! You might also want to "smudge" your house with white sage this could help clear out any questionable entities. Here is a link to a site that will help you perform this ceremony Smudgingand there areothers here at the EC who can help you with this as well and provide insights as to what happened when they did this and how it helped them.Smudging Links

You are a VERY strong person due to the fact that the spirits are listening to you when you object to their actions. I think that some of them are mixed up about their present spiritual condition in that they may not know they have passed or that they wish to hang about for some reason. The Archangel Azrael will help you with this. If you want protection bring in Michael, Uriel, and Muriel. They really will help you with the bad entities that are trying to scare you or make you feel fearful. You are a very strong Lightworker due to your abilities and that they are natural to you. Do you have family members that are like you? I think this is a inherited ability and comes from someone on the maternal side of your family. Always remember that you have to ASK for angels to help you due to the fact that this is a "free will" world. It is one of a very few worlds that have free will for the inhabitants. Here is a link to the Archangels and Youtopic where you can look at this information.

If you have not read "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth" by Dolores Cannon I suggest that you do so. It will explain a lot about why you are like this and that you choose, of your own free will, to be like this when you came here. Here is a link to this lady from The Library of Light here at the EC. Dolores Cannon The link allow you to read some of her books on line for free and the "Three Waves" title leads to a talk that she gave on that book. I also have many of her videos at my YouTube channel 1111 Angels. Just scroll down and you will find it along with Esther Hicks videos following the Alan Watts videos.

I am really glad that you posted this letter. I lost your previous email and forgot your avatar name. I have opened a separate file for you in my email section so that I can keep a record of your postings and forward them to other highly evolved empaths who are not members of the EC.I will let you know what they say if they offer any feedback. I would like you to keep in contact with us so that we can help you with this situation and would like to know any of the suggestions that we have made help you in the future.

I am very happy that your husband is so understanding and helpful. He is a Keeper. LOL Show him this letter so that he can be helpful to you. Please know that we will always be here to help you so write as long a letter as you like with LOTS of details.I would like you to "friend" me if that is agreeable to you so that I can send you some more information privately if you don't mind.

Throw some love into the wind.


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