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The Importance of Being Jonny
2 years ago
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More than a decade ago, I was very precognitive in way of dreams and what I still call thought visions. What, to me, appears to be a random thought is just my precognitive everything going off. It happens so often now that I can barely keep up. A stray thought that winds up coming to life. Some days are easy for me to differentiate, and others are surprising to me. I am learning to trust my instincts more and stop dismissing what is happening. I can pretty accurately predict now if something will happen later on because I thought of it earlier. And they are not thoughts that are initiated by my brain, if that makes sense. It's something that pops into my head for no reason whatsoever. That is what I should be paying more attention to.

On Friday morning, I had a thought of my friend Tessa coming in to work when it was not her normal day to work. An hour into the day, I see her car pull up and I said to myself, I knew it! and when she entered the door, told her that I knew she would be coming in. The things I know aren't just random moments anymore. It's all coming true. Most days, I get to thinking about someone and will hear from them accordingly. When I feel in my bones that it is time to call home to NYC, I do so before my dad calls me and listen to him say in amazement that we(mom and dad) were just thinking about you and were gonna call you. So it's all moments like that, that are becoming routine for me. I dunno if it's a schedule that I am following or if the feeling that I need to reach out that is my special way of telling me I am going to hear from some people in my life very soon.

To say I am new to all this wouldn't be true as this stuff has been happening now for more than a decade, but because doubt got in my way, it hindered my abilities until this point where it is all coming back to me. Trust my instincts and my intuition more and I will see how it will flow instead of feel weird. Tessa once asked me, as an empath, do you feel emotions? And I couldn't quite answer that. Rarely is the truth, but it wasn't until a while ago that I realized, I see emotions in dreams and I feel emotions by way of my visions and precognition. I can't tell you how many unnerving and vivid dreams I had that showed me the emotional state of someone through graphic imagery. I once had a twisted and depressing dream of my sister's emotional state that had her suffering from multiple personality disorder, and her different personalities were her various emotional states. After I awoke from that dream, I saw deep into her being more clearly than I had ever did in the past. And even more recent, I dreamt about someone I know who's a bit of a prick to people and saw why he may be acting this way and after the dream, it only made me want to reach out to him and get to know him instead of disliking him because of his doucheyness.

My psychic intuitiveness has its special way of showing me things. I just need to not doubt myself, which I think I've made significant progress on over the years, and learn to trust what I feel and what I know. Watching Charmed helps me cope and understand more of who I am and what I am becoming. When there are days that I struggle with what is happening, watching a marathon of Charmed episodes can make it all clear to me. if this is just the beginning, I wonder what I will be like 5 years from now, even ten. Will the things I see and feel grow? Only time will tell!


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