Got it!!!now..any suggestions?

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2 years ago
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I have experienced spirits before but have never worked with them. So.. I've been moved into my new( new to me) house 4 days ago. I have been hearing things but have been ignoring it due to unpacking. But tonight, as I was sitting in the floor (around 2:30 am) I was hot gluing something that had been broken and the door started slowly opening. I thought well, maybe it's just wasn't shut tightly but then it closed. That got my attention. I was scared, my heart beating hard but I calmed myself down and grabbed my phone. I sat there a few more minutes then it started again. I got it on video. After the door shut this time I went out on the porch and told them I understood I may not be wanted her but this is my house now and I was not leaving but if they wanted, I could help them find the light. My hip and the top of my leg started aching very bad and while this was going on my little dog was asleep on the couch started whimpering in his sleep.So.... Comments? Questions? Answers? Help!!
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2 years ago
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White sage helps,banishing the spirit,turning them into pure energy.You can try to help them but most of the spirits I have dealt with aren't so nice.
Bill Walker
2 years ago
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Rene remember that spirits have freedom of will just as you have. My suspicion is that it probably is of a spirit nature and it was just letting you know that it also inhabits the same space just on a different dimension. You may just want to acknowledge its presence and make it clear that it can stay but to leave you alone.

2 years ago
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Hi Renee, consider that most of the time our perception of spirit existence in the multiverse is only a fraction of what is truly going on. In other words, we are getting just a tidbit of the information. Even in the plane we are living and perceiving in everyday, things are up for interpretation. We often react with fear to what we don't understand or it can be that the entity that we are receiving is telling us their story of a painful experience.

You over came your fear and had the presence of mind to shoot a great video and react in a very evolved way with love and compassion. I an looking forward to hearing how things develop, sounds like you are really good at this!

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