Energy - graves/burial sites.

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2 years ago
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Hi everyone.

I was just sitting here thinking about ghostly things and I remembered a couple of strange experiences I've had.

I'm just trying to put two and two together but I don't have enough knowledge on the subject, so I ask for your input.

Many years ago while I was visiting someone, I slept in a bed in a veryold house (which was known to be haunted). During the night I woke to a strange sensation (like movement in the mattress or under the bed). A type of bubbling or gentle waves type feel. I slept in the bed for several nights but only woke to this strange sensation once. I never discovered why (even though I did investigate the mattress and under the bed).

Some years after that when I was visiting another person, I was woken by a very similar sensation (a bit stronger than the first - the wave/movements were more like quiet knocking). It was in a newish home. There was nothing wrong with the bed, flooring etc.

Now - my question is: Is it possible that I was sleeping above a grave/burial site, or is there another explanation?

Have any of you ever experienced anything similar?

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2 years ago
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I have had sensations like that too, but dismissed them as my imagination. I wondered, tho, if it could be one way of feeling a presence in the room. I have also wondered about burial grounds. People used to be buried without headstones, so there could be bodies, Indian or others, anywhere. A place could have some type of spirit without a grave, too.

We have two graves in the front yard. I also found an old abandoned one near the house while walking in the woods. I don't particularly care for graveyards. There was weird energy in this house when we first moved in and I heard voices once, but I think that was something other than the folks in the yard... I did some serious cleansings and banishings for a long time before I felt comfortable here. All is quiet now but I wouldn't want to live here without my dog, at least. There are no other houses around.

2 years ago
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Loretta Lynn, the country western singer, lives on a Civil War battle ground site and her house was once a hospital during that time. She has many spirits in and around her home. There are videos on YouTube. Some people don't know that they have passed and some do not wish to leave this frequency. If you ever experience something like this again you can ask the Archangel Azrael to help you aid these people into the Light and help them to cross over. I have a topic on him in the Library of Inspiration. If you feel that these are negative beings call in Archangel Michael for immediate protection, as well as the angel Puriel.

Throw some love into the wind


2 years ago
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When I was in my 20's, my bed and once a table I was sitting at started to rumble. It also felt like levitation and I would notice white or red orbits at about a 5ft distance from where I was. The table incident occurred with others at the table but no one else seemed to sense it. The bed incident happened at least 6 times over a 10 year period. No connection to burial grounds of any kind.

I never made sense of it all and it stopped for a period of time only to be replaced by a constant subterranean vibration that I feel thru the floor almost all the time now. I think what I feel now may be Mother Earth's own energy but never solved the earlier occurrence similar to yours.

Glad you posted the enquiry though!

2 years ago
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Bing, sometimes entities become nuisances trying to get attention of those that can help them. What they don't respect is that some do not want to help and just want to be left alone. It's hard to believe 150 years have passed and they still linger.
2 years ago
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Thank you all for your interest and comments.

Most of us agree thatgraveyards have a distinctivevibe all of their own.

Do you have any ideas where thisunique energy is coming from?

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