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Jodi Hill
3 years ago
89 posts

I was wondering if anyone here has ever had any dealings with the Djinn race and what your experience's have been? I have been trying to read up on the race but really what you find on the internet all comes down to basically the same thing but different wording. There really isn't all that much information out there unless I'm looking in the wrong area.

Some won't go near them or mess with them but there are those out there that have "bonded" with them and actually work with them having them in their lives... What is your take on the whole thing? thanks..

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2 years ago
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Hi Jodi,

So good to hear from you. I haven't had any direct experience with Jinn but did read a great account of one person's experience in the East with one (details evade me right now) and was very stimulated to do research after watching an episode of X Files called Je Souhaite.

Bill Walker
2 years ago
729 posts

I don't really know a great deal about the Djinn but will say this, we as humans live on a strange "Y" intersection with one leg of the y representing spiritual reality, one representing physical reality, and the third leg representing the Astral which is the crossroads between the other two. And I am quite certain that part of our lessons here in this reality is to make sense out of things that have been foreign to our understanding for quite sometime. The Djinn as well as many other races are most likely a part of this same crossroad and are part of our lesson both positive and negative! These are my feelings only!

2 years ago
916 posts

The Jinn are fabled muslim related creatures that come out of arab stories. I do not resonate with islamic things at all. I've read some of their book and honestly I just repel it all. I view the Djinn are Elementals corrupted by the Dark. Each one I meet, I free so to me its just another day at the grindstone. 2cents

Angel in Training
2 years ago
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Hi, Jodi... i just came across your post and I have had an experience with a Djinn... specifically a Silat Djinn...Smartest of all the jinn, the silat are expert shape shifters and are the most interested in humans. They love to take on the human form and can do so with ease. My experiences were in a house my ex-husband and i an my 6 year old son lived in. one night I saw my son come out of his room and run down the hallway towards the bathroom.. It was late at night and he was supposed to be asleep so i got up to go see what he was doing up and he was not there. I went back to his room and he was sound asleep in his bed.... On 2 or 3 occasions when my ex would leave in the morning for work, i would hear him go out the door and leave in his truck.. then a few minutes later i would see him walk back in through the kitchen and i would go see if he forgot something and he would not be there so i would call him and he was half way to work... it was strange, but i never felt scared or threatened by it...

i found the mostusefulinfo on thissite.. hope this helps...

Blessed Be.....

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