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Hi Quantelle

The reason you feel a room, or the area near you, go cold is that there is a spirit in thevicinity. Spirits live on energy and draw it from their immediate surroundings. This is nothing that will harm you. Spirits travel across what we call time, space and distance immediately just by their thoughts. When you are in spirit you can think of someplace and be there right away. There is no need to book an airplane or get in a car. You just think it and you are there. Spirits are drawn to you because they can "feel" your abilities. They can "feel" like we do and believe that you can help them. Some spirits may be confused as to their status in that they not know if they are alive ( in body ) or not. Imagine that you are trying to get people's attention and no one will pay any attention to you. It must be extremely frustrating. Now imagine you "feel" drawn to someone who can help you. You are instantly in front of them and want to FINALLY get some answers as to what the heck is going on with you. Spirits are just ordinary folks who don't have a material form. We are all spirits having a material experience.

Some spirits that will come to you and "feel" as if they are from another time period may have some connection to the place you may presently be visiting such as old homes, farms, battle fields, cemetaries, etc.... Some old spirits may be relatives from a past incarnation that are just there to watch over you while you are in this life. To them you are on a new adventure and you, of course, don't remember about the past life that you shared with them. This is natural as it would interfere with what you want to accomplish in this life. If you get the feeling that a spirit is confused about, or doesn't know, that they are deceased you can call on the help of higher celestials to help you remedy the situation. Angels will help you immediately, but you have to ASK for their help. Because we are free will spirits ( the lowest form) angels cannot interfer with our lives unless they are asked to help. They really love to do so and will help to the best of their abilities to do so. The angel in charge of helping people cross over is named Azrael. He is a very wise and loving spirit, with a kind and generous heart. He is full of love and wants to help those who are no longer in physical form reunite with the Light. Just concentrate in a very focused manner and ask for his help to take the lost spirit back with him into the Light. You will "Feel" the Light in the room and may even see it in your third eye. It is of blinding intensity and has depth and substance.If the spirit you are "feeling" is that of a child ask for the help of Metatron. Hetakes care of thespirits of children. He was once a very wise human named Enoch and is one of a very very few humans who have undergone angelification.

My guide is Chamuel the angel of Light and Love and he will come to you if you ask him to increase your ability to "feel" the LIght.

We tend to think of time and space as a linear in progression. It is not. It is vertical and you can go anywhere in along this cylinder of the eternal now and live in any time era that is particular to your needs in spiritual progression. There really is no past and present. there is only NOW at all times. That is what is meant by the what God said when he said "I am who am." I am here and now and now is all that there is. It is the Light stretching out in all directions in all forms on all frequencies at all times. It is NOW at all times. Everything that is, is the Light and we are all one and part of it. That is why when you live in love you are connected to the Light and, therefore, connected to all that is everywhere in the universe. You become one with the Light. As someone who is living at this very low frequency you will "feel" the Light in the form of "chills" or "shivers" when you are near a spirit or an enlightened person who is empathic. You may also get the good old "ringing in the ears syndrome that so many of us get. Those are downloads and angels are very near you at that point. Hey, and you can laugh or cry with us and ask any question that you want and no one will think anything of it. You are safe here and among your own; never forget that. You are loved and cherished and we will help you whenever you need a shoulder to lean on.

At present I am writing (too slowly my angels are telling me) :-) a book all about which angels go with which duties. Below is a list of some of the angels and their duties. If you should ever feel a threatening presence, human or spiritual,that means to do you harm call immediately on Gabriel, Michael,Chamuelor Puriel. They will come to your aid.

Angels of Psychic & Spiritual Development:

Abdiel, Amael, Anamchara, Anachel, Asaph, Asariel, Ashi Azrael, Ashi Vanghuhi,

Bath Kol, Bethelda, Colopatiron, Elemiah, Iahhel, Khshathra Vairya, Micah, Pahaliah, Paschar, Raguel, Rahmiel, Remiel, Sealtiel, Spenta Armaiti, Sraosha, Tahariel, Vohu Manah, Zequiel.

Angels of Love and Mercy

Abrinael, Abuliel, Anael, Amnediel, Amnixiel, Ardifiel, Balthial, Asmodel, Caliel, Chamuel, Charmeine, Daniel, Donquel, Haamiah, Habbiel, Hadraniel, Hael, Hagiel, Hamied, Haziel, Huris, Izad, Iezalel, Itaqal, Jelial, Jeremiel, Lauviah, Mahasiah, Mihael, Miniel, Munkar, Nakar, Nilqihah, Nithaja, Ongkanon, Ooniemme, Ormazd, Vohu Manah, Yophiel

Angels of Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge and Philosophy:

Achiah, Afriel, Akatriel, Akriel, Amael Chista, Amitiel, Anachel, Asha Vahishta, Ave, Bethuliel, Caliel, Daena, Damabiah, Dina, Dynamis, Erethe, Haamiah, Hahasiah, Hajael, Hamael, Hamaliel, Hru, Iahhel, Jabamiah, Jegudiel, Mebahiah, Mehiel, Micah, Muriel, Murmur, Nalvage, Nelakhel, Och, Polial, Radueriel, Raziel, Sagnessagiel, Salaphiel, Sapiel, Sophia, Uriel

You can also visit the "Library of Inspiration" here at the E/C where you will find answers to many topics. There are many links that you can follow and if there is something that is not listed that you need an answer to just ask me and I will find out for you.

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