Concerning Paranormal Events, Haunted Houses, etc.

Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
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I hope that this is okay to post.

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this request from my standpoint, as well as the standpoint of many countless Spirits, deceased persons, etc.

This is a whole hearted request that is going out not just in this group, but on every site/group that I read/assist on & am a member.

When going to a Paranormal Event, Haunted House, Graveyard or things of that nature please do not taunt those that dwell or live there.

You have the choice to visit there, tour the "Haunted Place" & then leave, but you are doing it at the expense of the Soul of the ones who cannot escape & cannot leave because no one has been kind enough to offer these Souls a compassionate way to cross over.

No one has even bothered to ask these Souls if it would be alright to enter their sacred space, the space that they now & have for however long called "Home."

I can understand why the Owners or Managers, etc. of these events & places refuse to offer these Souls a compassionate way out.

If there were no Souls or not as many lonely, lost dispirited Souls there to "haunt" the place no one would wish to come for a Tour, or to rent it for an overnight "Ghost Hunting Event", etc.

I also understand that some people are intrigued by & enjoy going to these events.

All I am asking is that when you go, that you please offer respect & reverence to the Occupants of the places that you visit.

A good way to do this is to envision that your parents or loved ones are the occupants & you are visiting their Home or Homes.

Another example would to be envision that it is your home & all of these various people (Paranormal Investigators, Paranormal Enthusiasts, Paranormal Experts, etc.) are walking through your home while you are there & some of them can see you but the majority can't so there are night viewing infrared cameras, EVP equipment & a multitude of other items.
Imagine how you would feel seeing all of these people & all of this equipment.

Would you be happy? Sad? Anxious? Upset? Hopeful?

Again, all I am, asking is that you be respectful when you do go to the places because these Spirits deserve just as much respect as everyone else.

If you are a person who goes to these events to assist the Spirits in Crossing Over, etc. then "Thank You" that is a very noble thing to do & many people aren't that kind or noble.

It's also very risky because if you get caught you never know if the Owners, etc. will try to press charges for Trespassing or whatever type of charges they can figure out to do since you are in a sense making them lose money by assisting the Spirits leaving.

They may even think that you are cursing or hexing their place of business, etc. and seek damages, etc.

Strange & rare but when dealing with people who make money from the sadness & despair of trapped deceased Spirits I don't doubt anything these types of people would do to make a buck.

Have a Phenomenal Week<3


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Hi Nocturne, thank you very much for this post. Dan : )

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