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Jodi Hill
5 years ago
89 posts

Hi, I have had an attachment since late last year. it is male and I believe his name may possibly be Johnathon. I'm not sure where he came from or why he's here. I believe he is tall too and I hear him walking around the house and when I'm sitting in a chair he taps ALOT.. also when I have my headphones on listening to music he's tapping away to the music even though the earphones are in my ears. How is that possible? I believe whoever or whatever this is is reading my thoughts. he also leaves the house when i leave in my car. he's in the car with me.

I don't feel threatened by whoever it is but he has a very strong presence here in this house and around me. I'm not sure how to communicate with him in a way that I can figure out what it is he's trying to say to me. I hear him talking all the time and hear him walking behind me when I move about the house. I do know this house is not quite 100 years old and there was another male spirit here that had been crossed over many months ago by someone on this site.

The thing is I wasn't aware of this attachment until I had joined a ghost hunting group over a year ago which I am no longer with but the girl that heads the group is psychic and then there is a clairvoyant on the group and both told me that it is not human and called it demonic. they said it never was human and that it is messing with my head trying to make me think it's "nice" to sucker me in and take over. Both of these girls had me a total mess for a long time.

I've had many psychic readings done since then and in all those readings there was only 2 people from this site that picked up this non human male being. one of them said that he is angry and carrying a weapon of some sort in his hand. why would a demonic entity even need to use a weapon of a knife or letter opener which is what I was told was in his hand?

I feel the same as I"ve always felt. not losing any weight, I'm getting plenty of rest and as for my total well being I just feel fine. So with that said, is there any way someone could maybe tell me what you think on this situation please? thank you.

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5 years ago
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Why not just sit quietly with your eyes closed and ask him who he is and see what you get? I don't believe it is demonic at all. What you are describing sounds like either a haunting or your spirit guide. When you sit quietly feel his presence and go by your gut instincts. It is possible that you are just now starting to become more aware of him. I know there are more and more people that are just starting to become aware of their link to the spirit world and this happens in many ways. If he is bothering you just stand firmly and tell him (don't ask him) tell him to go. If you don't mind him around then set the ground rules. From what you are saying you don't seem to mind him, except for

your fear based on what others have said. It is very important in these areas for you to trust yourself, not just others. Some others may be legitimate, but there are so many that are not. You have to trust yourself first. If you feel uncomfortable then I would ask your G-d to surround you from head to toe with the white light of his/her spirit. Visualize the light coming in the top of your head and going down all your body to the floor (lighting up your body) and then coming out so that you glow. Once this is done visualize it as a bubble that will protect you. You can also call on Archangel Michael to protect you. (if that is what you believe).

You also mentioned the Ghost Hunting group. I would stay away from that group you have had nothing but problems with them. I don't trust their information or intent.

Blessings, Phyllis

Jodi Hill
5 years ago
89 posts

I am not experienced in this sort of thing. I called it that only because I was sexually attacked by whoever or whatever it is in my home several times late last year then nothing since. was also "told" by several very good psychics that I have a negative attachment and they called it a demon. Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming, John Zaffis all of who I met in Gettysburg a year ago and the ghost hunting group I belonged to the leader of the group who is psychic/medium was told to kick me off her group due to this attachment and for her to stay away from me or it would try to drag her down with me. I do not "feel" this is "negative" in any way. what I believe is that it is a male human spirit who refuses to "detach" himself from me no matter what I say or do. he is still here. I was even told by another wiccan psychic that it is not human and never was and in fact she went so far as to tell me I was a very powerful wiccan witch in a past life and that I called on elements and such and that what I have here around me is in fact an element that "found" me while I was in the realms and feels it needs to "protect" me still which is what I apparently called it forth to do in a past life. I know nothing about this stuff so I have no idea if that is even remotely possible but I KNOW it is male. he sits at the end of my bed at night and follows me when i leave the house and well he just follows me everywhere i go. I know he is "in my head" cause when i have my head phones on listening to music he is tapping along to the music on my darn chair and I've asked him to stop but yet he still does it.

I don't know who he is. I know he talks to me but I for the life of me am not able to understand what he is saying. I think maybe his name might be Jonathon but that's only a guess. I have my clear hearing but it's not in clear enough and I just don't know any other way to communicate with him that I can understand what he's saying. I have had this "problem" ever since I joined that group and whoever it is refuses to leave and I know he's attached to me and I hate it!

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