Another night in Ghostville

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6 years ago
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The cycle of my life usually goes something like this, we move, everything is quiet for about 2 months, then a spirit shows up. I usuallu pick up on it before my family dous and get a read on it . If it dousn't feel like a threat I will usually just ignore it. A few days later another spirit may show up. Again i leave it alone if it's non-threatning. Most of them simply are passing through, possibly trying to make contact. Sometimes it's with me, sometimes it's with my kids.Because my daughter's abilites are so strong, i blocked them awhile back so she no longer sences them, howver because of her empathic abilites, her behavior seems to change and i feel she may be channeling them. . But I have noticed my son getting afraid. Iusually will tell my husband when they are around to kind of give him a head's up. At that point i stil ignore them for the most part, but places protections and boundaries around the kids. We just did a house cleansing not to long ago, which we usually do every couple of months. I have noticed some activity again recently and have recieived a couple of evp's. I had a couple of readings done as well to validate what i was picking up wich seemed to be on target. I still haven't felt any threats until last night. There has been alot of drama going on between my ex and my husband (they are brother's, long story) and wondered if maybe there was some built up energy. Anyway's, it was really weird, i was laying down in bed and it was just me and the animals, 1 cat , one dog. The dog was laying at the foot of the bed sound asleep and the cat next to him. Suddenly I heard this loud growl coming from the right sound and away back in the corner of the room. I looked up and noticed the cat's head bolt up and stare in the same area i heard the growl. I looked over and nothing was there( i had to make sure it wasn't my other cat). I immeditly picked up another animal, but had to be spirit. so i walked around and looked for the other cat, who my oldest let back outside and wasn't in the house when this happend. The other cat finally calmed down and i let it go. So it was bed time and i have my head propped up talking to my husband. I felt a heavy hand on the back of my head. I reached behind me thinking it was the little cat, but there was nothing. So i looked around to find her and she wasn't in the room. The door was closed, so she couldn't have run out. I told my hushabnd about it and asked if i wanted to cleanse the house. For whatever reason i declined. I know there are spirits here that seem to try and get my attention. I do mediumship readings alot because it's so easy to read people from a distance. I think that's why i love the internet. When i'm physically close to people or enetites, i can get a basic read, but it's very overwhelimg, with a big enough buffer, it works for me. I know the routine of saging, blessing, cleansing, and ghosthunting, but as one spirit leaves another one always comes. It's not uncommon for there to be 3 or 4 even with protection. I don't really know what i am looking for, as far a as answer's, i think i already know the answer,lol, but it was an interesting experience, and any insights or impressions that any one get's is greatly appreciated:) maybe some fresh ideas would help :)

blessed be

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6 years ago
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I'm sorry to hear about your horse but it is common for animals to stay where they are loved and may not be ready to leave you yet:) As for the mediumship, being that we are empath's your more likely going to feel them before you see them and what you see may not be a sclear because it is being filtered through the feeling, if that makes sence. You more likely going do get information on the ghost by feeling their energy as opposed to seeing it, i think makes more sence,lol. It's kind of like doing readings on person with a body, but the emotions, from what i've experienced seeem to be more intence. Just as you have described above, it''s a matter of fine tuning it the way that best fits you.

I know i need to find some resolution to this within myself and to accept this, eventually i'll come to terms withi this,lol. Thanks for responding, i always appreciate your input :)

6 years ago
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Well, I don't know if this means anything, but as you spoke of the growl I had this strong impression of a coyote...possibly a spirit of a coyote. It was very strange, this feeling I got, because it also came with a strong Native American feel.

?? Native American coyote????

spiritual shapeshifter??????? I don't know, Angel. that's just what went through my head as I was reading.?????????

Let us know what happens. I send a prayer that the spirit calms down and " a GOOD BOY....good boy."

*gives spirit coyote a milk bone and pats its head*

Tell it it can stay and coexist peacefully if it protects your family....including your pets but it has to be GOOD.

At least that's what this animal empath would do but then I'm certifiably coo-coo for cocoa puffs. (no not really -- I hate chocolate flavored cereal).

I joke, but I actually did get a strong coyote feeling. Perhaps it is the faithful companion of a gentle Native American spirit that touched your hair.

Let us know what you discover.

6 years ago
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Hi Angel,

I don't really know what to tell ya, other than I get a very strong impression there IS *something* you are required to do about it. But, I haven't a clue what that is!!! Usually when this happens, the person is required to pay attention to these spirits to some degree, but I don't think that's it. When Roxy said *gives spirit coyote a milk bone and pats its head* I got the feeling it might be something like that, you need to give them an offering of some kind, on a regular basis. Not that you need to interact with them, but almost like feeding stray animals, they need redirection?? Giving them some kind of offering would help them feel like they've been acknowleged. I'm thinking there's some info about this in other cultures/religions that might be helpful to you.

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