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The Importance of Being Jonny
The Importance of Being Jonny
3 years ago
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Hey guys,

I just wanted to discuss the last couple months and things that have been happening to me. Well my mother passed away on April 29th. She was sick for a long time and she succumbed to her illness. I was able to fly back to NYC and spend 11 days at her bedside, even at moment of her death. I prayed over her and held her hand and told her to relax and don't struggle. Me and my sister were at her bedside, her oldest and youngest children. She died peacefully, without doctors and nurses crowding her.

Upon her death, I told her that I'd be waiting for her to make contact with me. 5 days later, the morning of her 71st bday, at around midnight, I dozed off and was awaken by something tickling my foot. When I woke up, memories flooded me of that tickling. That is how mommy used to wake me up when I was a kid. She would tickle my feet as I slept under the covers. When that happened, I knew she was alright and made it safely to where she needed to be.

Since then, I've been dreaming a lot of her. One dream in particular was very violent, but the message was clear--she will always be there to protect me. The dream itself had the two of us ducking for cover under the living room table as she shielded me with her body, there were gunshots coming into the living room from outside, while she threw grenades at whoever the shooters were in retaliation. But she was protecting me from harm the entire time.

Another dream had her revealing to me that she was blind and had been for a while. And the dream was somewhat lucid because I remember feeling like my presence in the dream was of the real me and not a dream me. I remember feeling like mommy already died because she was sick, but she was telling me that along the way, she was blind. Unfortunately, I don't think this can ever be confirmed as there was no way to tell she was blind or went blind during her hospital stay. She was intubated for most of her hospital stay and couldn't speak or gesture to us. It could just be a dream but considering how much I've been dreaming of her, I am not dismissing any of them.

She died with some secrets about her life and these were secrets we heard about but didn't know anything about because she never liked discussing it. I told her of everyone in her family, we, her children, she could have confided in because we come from her. I told her to tell me what she was keeping to herself and that night, she did. I dreamt there was an angry spirit slamming her closet door. That signified anger. The vibe in the dream was over a lost child, which was the secret. When I woke up, it was to Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart and that exact line was being sung when I opened my eyes. Summary of the dream: She was very angry at the choices she made regarding children she chose not to have and she was very heart broken because of it.

There's a lot that she's been telling me from beyond, but I'm gonna end with this morning's dream which had her leaving our old home on a stretcher, but even though she was still sick, she looked much better in physical appearance. She acknowledged her demons to me, the demons that took her life and said that she accepts her fate because of how she lived her life. And most notably, her aura. In the dream, she was radiating purity, like her soul had been washed clean of all sin. She was a new woman. When I woke up, I took that as meaning that she acknowledged how she passed away and the demons which took control of her life. And because of that, she is now at peace, which is also what she told me in the dream. And the feeling she was giving off told me that she has been made pure in Heaven.

I guess what I am writing about is to mention that prior to my mom dying, no one who has passed has communicated with me as much as she has. Upon her death, I believe I was awakened because I personally experienced a lot of growth in such a short amount of time and I think she was responsible for that. With all these dreams, I'm wondering if this is some sort of mediumship or if I am dreaming so much of her because of our connection as mother and son. I thought medium immediately because again, she's communicating with me. I'm asking her to tell me how she feels, and shortly afterward I dream of her emotion. As an empath, I have always felt emotion in dreams rather than physically and I am wondering if this is the start to something more.


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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
3 years ago
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I definitely believe that she was helping to open any blockages you may have had as an empathic soul. It was a gift that she was more than willing to give to you from the other side! She loved you very much!

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