Bill Walker
Bill Walker
4 years ago
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You might be from Mars (LOL), but it sounds more like you succeeded in being able to travel to Mars in an out of body state. The music thing happens to me a little bit, certain frequencies seem to just ignite some inner circuitry in my soul causing a sudden rush of energy like no other that I usually experience.

You don't sound to overly concerned about these experiences so I wouldn't worry to much, however I have had a few Out of Body experiences where I was confronted by energies that probably didn't have my best interest at heart when we came into contact with each other. I never felt in danger in these experiences, but never the less I took away a notion of caution when embarking out onto the Astral Stream/plane.

As for the empathic part of you, you may just be opening up to that new reality and finding it a bit difficult to get your Soul around this kind of reality. I would encourage you to get a handle on the physical anger energy that you are experiencing as it is possible to lose control for just one second and regret the consequences for the rest of your natural life cycle. Just be careful, I all I'm saying!

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