I had an spiritual encounter on my birthday

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2 years ago
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i feel urgent to say something quiet disturbing.. Well i guess i'm an medium. The blue lines i see are in lots of colours now i see yellow and its increasing rapidly but.. When i was getting dressed for my birthday putting my leggins i saw aShadow under my door.. It moved to my other side i thought my bro was trying to scare me so i stood for a sec then i felt my leggings being pulled i was like huh?! I did not feel very scared i am more scared right now so i asked my bro if it was him he said no it could of been my cat but he was just fed. So i checked if he was still eating but could not find him so i forgot him and hoped my sis would came home soon she did later i told her she said probale brother not saying his name btw, well I can't stop thinking about it i keep having illusions for the most tinest bit of time and keep feeling.. Things around me what was that i can't remember what happened when it pulled on my leggings guess i just pulled it away then the shadow dissapeared i guess the weird senses is mediumship but the shadow is really spooking me out any ideas? I feel kind of excited more then afraid but spooked the same time i just felt urgent to write about it
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