I am getting stronger.

6 years ago
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Wow! My "psychicness" is gaining strength. It has not been a conscious effort on my part. I am able come up with the correct answer to questions asked on shows like Pawn Stars 99% of the time. Before a couple of months ago, I hardly ever got them right. I have also noticed that I am right with the next part of a post or sentence. Maybe that is just my brain anticipating and using what I would say. Don't know. It is pretty neat though.

A few months ago I noticed that someone's name would pop into my head while I'm typing or reading or washing dishes - whatever. I would check my email and at the same time I had the thought, that person had sent me an email! Maybe I am just more aware now and I am noticing. I have always had a smidge of this, but not this strong. Pretty cool.

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