Astral Premonitions

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The Importance of Being Jonny
3 years ago
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So I've always personally identified with the supernatural drama Charmed that ran from 1998-2006. Of all tv shows, it is the only one that feels like home to me and I never knew why until I discovered more about who and what I am. It feels like home because I pretty much have the same life. One cool thing about the show is the powers that the sisters use as witches. There's a character named Phoebe and she's the middle sister. Power wise, I always identified with her because on the show, she's a psychic empath. Her first power was premonitions that she would have when she touched an object. In season 5, her premonitions advanced to the point where she could astral her consciousness into a future event that she was seeing. They were called Astral Premonitions and last night I thought it would be so cool if something like that were real, then I recalled a vision I had many years ago that indeed was an astral premonition. First, here's Phoebe's new ability in action.

Let me explain the dream I had in 2005. I was walking through a parking lot with my girlfriend and I looked down at her while she looked up at me. The people in the dream were not me. Even though I was in the place of Mike, the friend I dreamed about, I was fully aware that this dream had nothing to do with me. So I had gathered that I astral projected into his body as he and her were walking through this parking lot. It was an odd dream I had, but I thought nothing of it until I was on his profile page and saw a picture of the very scene I dreamt. I immediately screencapped it as proof of my vision. This is what I dreamt exactly:

While I was sure it was astral projection, I didn't think it was a vision until I saw this picture so that told me that I dreamed and personally experienced a future event, almost as if I time traveled. Even though it was a vision, I have no idea when this photo was taken. So it could have been a future event or a past event that I personally experienced live and in living color.

Here is the entry of this astounding psychic occurrence that I got to experience. Even though I am having a lot of difficulty with my abilities now, this only shows me what I am capable of as a psychic empath.

126) Thursday, October 13th 2005-Last night I dozed off for a couple hours and quite possibly astral projected. Lately I dont remember much about what I dreamt, but I do remember either walking side by side or being on a date with my girlfriend. Only thing, it was not my girlfriend. I dont have one. It was the girlfriend of a person on Myspace named Mike. He recently got a girlfriend. I did mention to him that he seemed happy lately. Of course that was me sensing happiness from him. Back to the dream, the girl and I were walking side by side through a parking lot. I remember her looking up at me and me looking down at her. This girl, Ashley, is taller than me and shorter than Mike. Im shorter than them both, so thats proof it couldnt have been me in the dream. I was in Mikes body, experiencing his date or time out with his girlfriend.

Thats pretty much what I remember about the dream. I do have a strong feeling it was astral projection, and I think Ill stick with it. Ive always said, when it comes to my dreams I always know whether it was a vision or not. As to if it was, Ill never know.


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Bill Walker
3 years ago
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I'm sure that you own the Charmed series on DVD, and I would suggest watching an episode every so often, especially the shows you feel inspire you the most, just before going to bed. You would be surprised by just how much that caneffect your night time travels after you fall asleep. It helps wake everything up inside of your soul for your nightly trip into the ethereal.

And yea, I've experienced the same kind of life moments of others in an out of body dream state as well, and have found it to be both exhilarating as well as frustrating. I guess that's just part of the altereduniverse that many of us on this site now live in, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The, so called normal every day to day universe that most people live in today, just seems to agigantic bore to me, almost like, been their done that! LOL

The Importance of Being Jonny
3 years ago
794 posts

Lol yes I do and I try to watch an episode or 5 every night. I was so exhausted when I wrote this. I took a nap and did start to astral but I can't remember any of it. It's the same with dreams, I get deja vu of who I dreamed about, but I can't remember the dream itself. But it's inspiring to know I can do this.

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