Am I beginning to see spirits?

Emmy Long
Emmy Long
4 years ago
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So I have am very aware of my abilities to feel others and since is found this community I have been growing those abilities. I am wondering though if I may have expanded other abilities I wasn't aware of. I keep looking up thinking there is a person standing there because I feel a presence. Sometimes there is nothing and other times it's like I just catch something out of the corner of my eye hut I never completely see what it is. I just have this sense that it is a person though. Could I be sensing spirits? Is this how it begins? Any insight on what is happening would be much appreciated.
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4 years ago
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Hi Emmy, since coming to the EC my abilities have expanded. I believe we can gain any gifts we chose. It has been happening to me.

I have never have "seen or known" and evil spirits though. Keep that in mind when you do see them. Most of the time they just want help and others are people looking over you. That is the case in the one you are seeing. It is a relative that has passed on and has crossed over, they are just there for you. Open up and you will hear them. Not like actual words though, more like you will know what they are saying in your mind or what I call your own "spirit."

I hope this helps. Remember fear is created in our minds usually from outside influence.

Feel free to ask questions if you want too. Dan : )

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