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Hi Pillar,

I see that you have already researched the advice I was going to give you.

My only question/advice would be is :

While doing your research, did you find ways to protect yourself from being drained of energy because there are hand positions, crossing your hands, ankles & such that do help.

Also, while there are many people who do this unconsciously, there are many people who feed directly on one human at a time on purpose instead of feeding from the sky, the moon, the sun, a stream of running water, or even instead of feeding off of a group of people (which would lessen the drain affect on the people it is being done to), etc.

If you already have the hand postions, mudras, etc.; I apologize for being redundant.

I am going to post some links for you (if you don't have the hand information, etc.) & for anyone else who may need it.

Closing the Circuit
Another technique that worked to prevent me from constantly taking energy in, was originally intended to protect someone from having their energy taken away. This came from a New Age book on psychic self-defense. The technique was presented for those people who go out into crowds and unconsciously spill energy all over the place. My mother is a person like this. A natural giver, whenever she is surrounded by people, it drains her of energy because everything automatically flows out.

A psi-vamp is just the opposite of a giver - instead of everything flowing out, when we go out into a crowd, everything flows in. But despite the fact that these two effects are polar opposites of one another, they are simply two aspects of the same process. So it made sense to me that if this technique worked to keep a person of being drained of energy, it would also work to prevent me from doing the draining.

Its really quite simple. It functions on the principle of closing a circuit. When you feel that you are reaching out to the energy around you and beginning to pull it all in, simply clasp your hands in front of you and hold them close to the point of your solar plexus, just beneath your ribs. I lock the fingers of one hand over the other, and as I do so, I think about the energy of both hands locking and interlinking, so the flow of energy is limited to my body alone, and there is no interaction with the outside environment.

Crossing your arms upon your chest can work with the same principle. Especially if you lock your hands around your elbows, crossing your arms upon your chest keeps your energy in. For us, that also means it keeps other energies out. If we keep our energy to ourselves, then were not as likely to be constantly pulling on everything around us.

Given time and practice, these techniques can become second-nature, so whenever you go out into a large crowd, or you find yourself in a situation where you need to strictly control your feeding to avoid offending others, you will be able to reign yourself in with a simple gesture or a thought.

I am including this link so anyone can see & have information of what feeding positions look like or if they may be unconsciously giving away their energy.

There should also be posts on the Empath Community regarding Psi-Vamp Shielding Techniques, just do a search using the Search Box at the top right of the page.

Best wishes

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