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Emmy Long
4 years ago
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I recently got roommates to help pay the bills and they've ended up being an empaths worst nightmare. :( The girl is dying of liver cirrhosis. The doctors gave her 5 years at most if she changed her lifestyle. She still smokes, drinks, and abuses the pain pills she gets prescribed. Her boyfriend moved in as well and last week his mom died and the last thing he said to her wasn't very nice. As if that weren't enough negative energy floating around, they fight all the time because they don't trust each other. Which makes sence as they've both been unfaithful.This is in my HOME. The one place I'm supposed to be able to go to rest and recharge. And they're always here because they both get disability and don't have jobs.I try my normal blocking techniques, grounding, meditations. None of it is working. I'm becoming stressed out and I'm taking on the anger they put out. Only I don't abuse drugs and alcohol to cope with it like they do, so I don't even have that escape.Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't exactly say "hey I'm sorry you're dying and you're grieving but you guys are bumming me out, so you're gonna have to leave." You know? To somebody who isn't an empath it just doesn't make sense. I figure I can let them stay another month or two until they can find somewhere to go since we agrees from the start this would be temporary. But what do I do in the mean time? I actually FEEL myself losing my mind.
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