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I have been wondering about the things I see and wondered if others see the same as well, or at least something close to what I see. I saw a discussion concerning the symbol of an empath and knew it looked familiar, so I did some research to see what I could find

For the Empath Symbol, I saw (pic1) the top one on this site somewhere and the other is a symbol for goddess. Amazing how similar they are and maybe the gent who got the impression just saw it a little differently?

I drew a picture for a doctor friend of mine of what I see in him and in my own palms when I close my eyes and look within, (pic2) then I went and looked for symbols of the "healer" online and imposed the Caduceus symbol on top of it (pic3)....Wow!

First time in this forum and was wondering if others perceive what they "see" as I do, or do we all perceive what we "see" a little differently?

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