Saw a fire last night...freaked me out

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For the past few days I've been getting a lot of signs...i saw three hawks the day before, and then a hawk flew over my head super close. (Hawk is my totem). I knew immediately to be on the lookout for some kind of message. Later the same day my dog ran away (I was able to get him back) and my husband and I (my husband is also an empath) got into a huge blowout. Late last night/early this morning I smelled fire super strong. I thought it as in my house but it was across the street. The moment I saw it I immediately began to tremble and was terrified. (it happens every time I see fire) I think someone is still trying to tell me something but I don't know what it is. Any ideas?
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Janett Niemi
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Ok, for one, you are scattered and your energy is everywhere. Meditate and call back your energy into your body. (Didn't mean for that to sound mean, but I'm getting this feeling like you are wringing a towel, crying when the information is in front of you, but you don't see it because you are spending too much time wringing that towel!)

Once you are back in your body, you can relax and take a look at the signs. Yes, you are getting signs, but you are interpreting them as "I'm going to get signs," instead of "These are my signs." Signs can be interpreted literally, but rarely are they meant as literal. They are about feelings, energy, life....

Three is the trinity, "Mind, Body, Spirit" and it is a divine symbol.

Hawks are birds and birds flying mean freedom or wanting freedom or feeling s that you are being set free. Hawks also are powerful creatures, and they fly high to find their prey, so "viewing life from afar?" It is even more powerful that it is your totem.

Dogs are your assertive, aggressive self and since it ran away, are are wanting to be free of something?

Fight with husband. (I have no idea what you 2 fought about, but it is about the symbol, not the real fight, though it could literally be about the fight-it is your life, your symbol) You have an internal battle going on (you are both Empaths) with yourself. "I want to go this way," but "I should be careful and take it slowly...."

Fire means the life force in your body, the opening up of your spiritual energy between you and your high Power. You are truly afraid of opening up this line, but I feel everything is going to be just great. This is something that you are meant to do, to be.

What I'm getting when I put all your signs together is that you are ready to take your spiritual adventure to a new high, you are ready to fly, be set free from limitations. There is something that you really want to do (it doesn't mean that you know what that is consciously, but unconsciously you are dying to do it) I'm getting excited for you just by writing this. You are ready for something, so let yourself go. It is time! The entire Universe is behind you, just let go and fly!

Sending you lots of love and courage for your new adventure!


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You are 100% right. My energies have always been all over the place and it has caused a great deal of chaos and heartache for me. I've just now begun to learn a lot of things about myself and it is very scary since I've spent most of my life being surpressed by people. Thank you for your interpretation:)

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