Receiving lots of Messages, but not understanding.... HELP

4 years ago
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Dear friends,

I am these days from past two weeks getting lots of messages from the guardian angels in numerical forms, I sight more than 100 each day on car plate while driving, on watch, on book or research journal page number, on my mobile, on my laptop while working and much more. Things happening both very tough and very incredible with me (in sense of good and bad). I am eagerly looking for answers and the message, I have dug a lot and getting everytime new things and information and understandings, but still not good enough to satisfy me, not even a bit.

I see numbers like, 4142,7272,2323,101,111,333,999,555,222,2222,1313,000,0101,1010,1212 and much more.

I need some help, please anybody.....

Thank you

updated by @resarareoculos: 07/02/17 12:23:35PM

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