I dont get Symbols???

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The Lioness ~*Q*~
4 years ago
126 posts

OOo i cant stand symbols, i find they are so bizzarly complicated for me(which is a strange feeling), I dunno i guess is the infinite of possibility of any symbol that confuses me. But i know in my spirit that this is somethin i must come to understand. Problem is the randomness of symbols is so overwhelming i mean anything anything they could mean anythingggggg

I mean take this symbol here


This symbol is the symbol for the planet neptune...ok we can all look at this and see how someone could relatively see this as neptune. As we look at it we see the sporks and can see ok that is similar to posiden and when we think of posiden we think about his trident...BOOM "Symbol" has Trident, Trident = posiden, Posiden = "Neptune" done case closed

And then we have symbols like


This is the symbol for Jupiter. Me= PAUSEDD... im like whoaa How in the hell can i relate this symbol to


Which then leads me to how can i then decipher a symbol that comes from somewhere else????

For instance in visions sometimes we get weirdd symbols that could some from any part of the entire cosmos, I get so overwhelmed by that fact that i get frustrated when i see a symbol. Its so far out that i dont know where to begin lol

How do u decipher symbols wat methods do u use?? Wat do u know about symbols??

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The Lioness ~*Q*~
4 years ago
126 posts

Ahh ok cool thats a very interesting POV(point of view) u have there, symbols can be based on how u see them, I mean earthly symbols are like wat u said someone created them/it based on their interpretation of how they relate to watever object or thing its based on, but when it comes to the symbols u would see in a dream unless ur seeing some strange dream language I guess it is there for you, so u must interpret it based on how u see it aswell

I guess that makes sense cuz once i saw something in my dream that was more of a floating mural and in the 4 corners where tiny symbols and the middle was some type of message written in stars. I remember waking up and drawing out wat i could remember of it and i just couldnt understand wat it meant at the time. Now to my knowledge i know wat was trying to be said to me. But i do wonder if wat happened didnt come into fruition would i still have been able to say i understand it...


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