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3 years ago
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I doodle. I'm a doodler.

Sometimes when I'm on the phone, or bored watching TV etc.

I doodle all sort of things/shapes.

Circles. Triangles. Squares. Swirls. Shapes with layers.I don't usually pay much attention.

Yesterday when Ilooked at my doodles I got a bit of a surprise. I had been doodling crosses. Hollow up and down crosses of equal lengths. I have never done this before.

Ahad a quick look on the internet and apparently crosses are symbols of spirituality and healing? Apparently the four points of a cross represent, self, nature, wisdom, and a higher power or being?

Do any of you doodle? Do you pay attention to your doodling? Have you noticed anything interesting regarding your doodles?

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3 years ago
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I have a friend that doodles while she's doing readings. And someone else was telling me that one of the best readings she ever had was at a psychic fair, where the reader had the clients draw on a piece of paper and then she did the readings from that.

This reminds me of the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Drawing or doodling is a highly right brain activity and it's that area of the brain that tends to be the intuitive side.

3 years ago
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When I was younger I doodled all the time. My mom saved a few of them to show me when I was older.. I must have been 4 or 5. She showed it to me and I just lost my breath. I had drawn an Indian Chief. She told me that she had to keep it for me. I don't know what ever happened to it along with many others that I did. I still doodle and many of the shapes and symbols come out when I am bored mostly. I am guilty of the doodling.

I'm a doodler too...

3 years ago
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A lady back home does readings by drawing with crayon markers, but it is more like a finished picture, usually with some interesting images. The cross might also represent balance or being centered.

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