A Crow, A Hummingbird and a Dragonfly

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I had a very interesting experience today. Before I get into what happened today, a little background. My "totem" animal is the Raven though I have always had a very strong connection to all birds. For example, when I was a teen andplayed a "supernatural game" (not really a game though) by my "watcher" was a Raven that stayed with me the entire 4 years I was in. He always was with me, watching over me,protecting me and guiding me. I didn't know anything about totem animals or guides at the time, and it took me several years to realize it, I just knew knew birds were always around me. One time, when I started learning more about my abilities, my family and I were driving down kind of a remote highway. I noticed three Ravens circling overhead and I turned to my husband and said "they are trying to warn me". Intuition I guess, Right as I said that, my husband looked down out our gauages and realized that our car was overheating. There was a small neighborhood a short ways up, so wepulled in to some strangers house, who was very genrous to allow us toput water in our vehicle. After that, I started to really take notice. I noticed that when I drive anywhere I always seen birds flying in front of our vehicle. On long trips on a highway, it's usually ravens who will either fly in front of the car or will be sitting on the side of the road every few miles.

We recently took a trip up north on our way to Vegas and stopped at a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. I hated the energy there, it seemed so violent. So I stood at the edge of the parking lot and noticed two ravens rolling around on the ground fighting. It was weird, I had never seen that before, and I knew something was going to happen, and a few minutes later, my kids started arguing over nothing. We finally left and I realized that I would more easily understand the message by looking their behavior. This was no different in California. We went there to go get our stuff out of storage and we hit a place on the way there. The energy started getting "chaotic" and IDK, weird. A few miles we saw the birds, a huge amount of them flying in the fields and on the highway, but they were flying very irratically and some even tried to hit our car. Usually they fly somewhere by they were just going in circles really fast, hitting each other, dodging at cars. It was like they were crazy. I couldn't help but to think that maybe the pesticides in the field made them crazy. As we got closer to our destination, I noticed the people the same way, aggressive and strange.

The last story was on my wedding day. We decided to have the ceremony in a place that was special to us. Before the ceremony , a huge butterfly flew around and hung out until right before the ceremony. Right after the ceremony, which was at the bottom of a cliff and next to a stream, the butterfly returned. Then, I looked up at the cliff and about 10 ravens came soaring from over the cliff on one end and started circiling us. I was in awe until about 10 more came from the other side, joined the other 10 and they all circled around us for a few minutes and then left, I knew they came to bring their blessing, but I never seen so many ravens together...ever! It truely was an awe inspiring moment :)

Ok, now for today. Things were a bit rough last night. I ended up having to cleanste and protect the house because there were some spirits there and at least one did not have good intentions, so it needed to be cleared. As I was clearing, he made his presance known and I was scared to death! But I finished anyways, and everything seemed fine. Today, I was sitting at the kitchen table when I noticed a crow sitting on the wall on our backyard. He moved to the side wall and then left. A few minutes later he came back, sat for a few more minutes and left again. He came back a third time and just sat there. A minute or two later a hummingbird came up and flew right in front of the crow. Like they were literally a foot apart and the hummingbird was face to face with the crow. No fear from the hummingbird and the crow didn't even look like it was going to attack. It was really weird since I read that crows are natural preditors for hummingbirds. So after a minute or two, the hummingbird started leave and a dragonfly flew up to the crow and did the same exact thing! It was only a foot away from the crow and again face to face with him . It was just the oddest thing. For the life of me I can't figure out what the message is. I know it's important, I feel it, I feel something is coming. And something about bravery, being brave? IDK.

Anyway's that is why I posted here to see if anyone would get anything from this. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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