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Nocturne's Angel
11 months ago
868 posts

Due to rescheduling, I have 2 openings for 15 minute online psychic readings.

Reduced price is $10 each.

updated by @nocturnes-angel: 09/18/17 08:13:04PM
Nocturne's Angel
11 months ago
868 posts


Is this special offer still available? I might be interested in purchasing one before, but was wondering what a psychic reading usually entails. Also, I am curious if these are done via skype, through private message, or some other format. Thank you!


These are done either through private message, facebook pm, email or google chat.

For this price skype is not an option.

In this type of reading you will need to haveĀ 2 to 3 questions (per 15 minute reading average) to ask me & I will give you the information I receive.

I have 2 openings this coming week.

Once payment is made the reading is scheduled.

Payment link is

Have a great day.

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