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I've spent 30 years researching the connections between Astrology, Astronomy, music and color and finally the technology was advanced enough for me to create an on line (real time) musical time machine. Being an accomplished pianist I wondered if I could express my first grandchild's Astrological birth chart as a piece of music. I came up with an algorithm to do just that. Please visit my website to learn more and play with it for free. www.astraltunes.com. There is only a small fee if you choose to save the music or download. If you enter your date of birth the planets appear as musical notes that you can listen to. So.... you have a birth tune. I just created a piece of music for a couple that incorporated both of their birth dates and the date of their up coming wedding. I also recorded the birth tune of my grandson into a small device and stuffed it inside of a " build a bear". He knows that is HIS SONG! The machine is connected to the NASA ephemeral database and allows you to select four dates in time (50 years past and 100 years into the future). Please ENJOY! Also I would welcome any criticisms or comments.

Blessings all!


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