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@pinkrose ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  I CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH THIS HAPPENS AND I THINK PEOPLE WHO DON'T CONSIDER THEMSELVES EMPATHIC EXPERIENCE THE SAME THING!!!!  First of all, you very well may know this but I'm just throwing it out there for anyone, but energy cords are developed whenever we even think of someone else or vice versa. (Some people call that a psychic attack if the other person is thinking negatively about you...) So you don't even have to interact with people to  have energetic cords develop. That's why a lot of people say even during the day if not at least at night to end your day, you should cut cords with anyone you've interacted with. A lot of times people might ask archangel Michael to cut cords and there's other things you can say and do. Everything is energy, ya know? So even reading posts on Facebook can be too much for me right now. Text messages, especially when you have a personal connection with the person you're texting with are very intense i feel, most of the time. First, we take on and feel energy to a different extent and in different ways than some people do so feeling what's coming through those texts and it lingering with you is (as far as I'm concerned) not even remotely unusual. It's almost like having a really weird dream and that wierd feeling lingering with you all day... That's happened to me alot. None the less, when it comes to anything like texts or even reading things you have no personal attachment to in terms of not even knowing the person who wrote it, i think it all comes down to developing healthy energetic boundaries so we don't "take on" those energies we're feeling that are not for our highest and best good. But, the catch is that everything does happen for a reason so... Maybe sometimes it's a sign that there's something to learn from the experience... But either way, what you originally mentioned is not unusual at all, at least not for me! :)

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