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Hello all!

Last night I had an incredibly disturbing dream about suicide that had be waking up in tears.  In the dream, I wasn't committing suicide, but my family and friends were all considering it.  It was like they were doing some cult ritual.  I barricaded myself in a nearby shed or house thing and eventually one of my brothers came and told me that he was considering not doing it and wanted to hide out with me.  After a while, my friend showed up and she noticed that something weird was going on with my brother.  It turned out that he actually was not my brother but a clone of him for whatever reason.  So I kicked him out of the shed and it was just me and my friend, but then we forgot to lock the door, so my brother's friend came in and was seeking refuge.  When I told him he could stay but he had to lock the door he told me that he was afraid to in case his parents changed their mind.

I woke up shortly after this and was very angry and emotional.  I cried and cried, especially at the thought of my sweetest brother committing suicide for some unknown reason.  I tried to google what this kind of dream could mean, but the answers I found have left me dissatisfied.  In general, my dreams have been rather intense and vivid.  I understand that this is typical for a spiritual awakening, and somehow, I'm still filled with a lack of understanding of my dreams.  A lot of them have been really out there.

Can anyone help me work through this?

Love and Light,


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