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In the last years I've worked a lot on getting out of a bad case of empath overwhelm (as in, going to the corner shop is overwhelming) towards a state where I feel human most days and joyful on many, can travel, work, and deal with myself and other people much better. 

This was a long and complicated journey involving so many different things; food, health, understanding basic psychology, learning to deal with trauma triggers, emotional intensity, processing old pain, using mindfulness, buddhism, bodywork, various body awareness practices, a myriad of empath and psychology and energy tools. Finding an honest spiritual basis. A lot of self-confrontation. 

Recently I've started writing some of this down, in part for fun/to get the thoughts out of my head, in part because nobody ever gave me a recipe book or "manual" that had all the elements I needed (and I think everyone needs different ones, but I needed lots!); a lot of that stuff was really hard to find and took years, and some of it I had to make up – so I thought, maybe other people could get something out of it, too. Feel free to skim, share, comment, or get into conversations with me. 

I'm hoping to improve and expand on this content with your feedback.

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9 months ago
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hey @pinkrose, I've read this twice now but think I don't quite get the exact connection with empath experiences here (admittedly, my knowledge of Freud is super basic, too). 

so I get that the girl was acting in the way that you'd expect in the Freudian scheme (getting jealous of dad's affection for mum, the oedipus/electra thingy). and her (empath) mum is saying that she was getting that vibe from the daughter, too, as in – confirming that the reason the kid got more cuddly was that she was in fact acting from this Freudian pattern?

... ok ... after rephrasing it got it now ... that your empath friend doesn't really like Freud but still thinks that her empath perceptions confirmed some of those theories?

Hm ... I'm not sure I've come across that ... but (blame too many years at uni) I'm also always wary of the situation when, say, I know a specific theory and believe it, and then start to get "perceptions" confirming it – I think it's easy to get influenced (there's even a name for that in cognitive psychology, "confirmation bias"). Then sometimes I learn a new theory, and start seeing it confirmed too, even if it's different from the first. Then gradually i arrive at a more balanced view.

That's not to question your friend's perceptions (the situation seems quite plausible anyways) ... just a general philosophical comment that in my experience it's often easy to get one theory confirmed, and then the other too (that sometimes even happens in science when you aren't pedantic enough, not just in empathy). 

While I've actually read a lot of psych – ok, I have to think long and hard whether I've used my empathing to confirm / disconfirm some of it. I think I didn't have the confidence to trust that what I sense about the other is definitely a fact (was raised in a rational/logical way and had to struggle a lot to even accept some of my perceptions as real in the first place). I'd still always bracket it and look for other evidence.

But in part I did, e.g. I seemed to have a radar for specific types of trauma in other people and I have often tried to put what I sense together with what I observe about their behaviour via psych theories. E.g. theories about how suppressing a specific type of trauma/feeling can lead to specific patterns of behaviour. 

That's vague but I guess that's as close as I get, tho if I reflect I may come up with other things.

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