Empathic Abilities and PMS

4 months ago
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Hi ladies,

Does anyone notice heightened emotions during that time of the month?  I feel like I'm more reactive before I start.  Does anyone else notice this?  How do you combat it?

4 months ago
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Yup! I can totally relate!
My working theory is that, because mood swings are more of an issue during shark week, we simply just feel more of the incoming emotional energy we face because it's more likely to strongly affect us.

I just try to take good mental care of myself that week, nice hot showers, tea, a few sweet treats and making sure I get to bed on time. 

Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
3 months ago
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I have a 14 year old daughter who is also an empath. She's also a scorpio so she brings it if you know what I mean. She is very emotional and takes no prisoners (very strong willed). I don't know how much of her energy is just being a teen, but when she is on her period her energy just about blows the roof off our house. She seems to get haywire whenever she is taking in too much energy from her world. So my sense is that during that time of the month she is more wound up than usual. I'm not sure how the physical of that connects with the spiritual. But I just wanted to share my experience from a guy's point of view. 

3 months ago
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PMS just drives me crazy to the point that I always have to stop myself from punching someone in the face. Not to mention the bouts of migraine that make it worse.

I also just give in to my sweet cravings and binge watching movies and series to calm my nerves. Sleeping it off helps a lot too. And I try to stay at home during that time to avoid even more empathic triggers.

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