Great article about energy

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Cat Whisperer
4 weeks ago
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Found an article worthy of sharing

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Hop Daddy
3 weeks ago
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Great article. My mother-in-law, who I like, is one of those types of people. When conversing she takes the energy right out of me and I start feeling weak and fatigued. She has had a lot of pain and misery in her life and I think she subconsciously pulls from me for healing.

3 weeks ago
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Thanks for sharing, very interesting points, really gives me something to think about when I feel tired and I am not sure why.

Cat Whisperer
3 weeks ago
726 posts
@hop-daddy, there have been several people in my life that have that affect on me and still some in my life, you have to limit your time with them. I do believe that most people are totally unaware that they do this, however, there are others that you know it’s an intentional act.

@tundra2, whenever I am feeling drained and tired and it’s not from not getting enough rest, the first thing I do is search my recent interactions in my mind to find out the culprit so I can avoid them next time. However, sometimes it’s immediately apparent who the drain is.
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