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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
4 months ago
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I've been using a CD by Brian Weiss to get into a state of meditation for the last two or three weeks with little success. However, a couple of nights ago I had two short flashes of what suspect are real past life experiences. In the first I'm wearing something akin to a burlap shirt with a rope or belt of some kind tied around my waist. I was also wearing sandals it seemed to be very hot. I was standing in what appeared to be small village market place and now one in particular was paying to much attention to me. I felt very poor.

In the second flash I'm standing in a very well adorned room in a time that feels like ancient Egypt. I'm wearing all kinds of jewelry and I appear to be female but my feelings tell  me that I'm probably male. As I'm looking at this scene I feel very confused by my sexual orientation, or at least the part of me that's viewing this. 

A friend of mine who does past life regressions told me when I told her of this experience that there was a period of time in something called the Pyramid Code where men often dressed as women as a sign of their high status. I was not aware of that and so I feel that that does give me some validity that this was an actual past life of mine. 

4 months ago
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Fascinating.  Hope you see more.

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