Dream of a Specific Date

4 months ago
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I've heard that if you dream of a specific date, particularly a future date, it means something positive will likely happen to you. I'm just curious about any other interpretations that anyone may have about dreaming of dates.

In my dream, I was having a conversation with my mother and sister. We were discussing an event and possibly attending said event, so I pulled up the calendar app on my mobile phone to check my availability. It was then that I noticed the date of November 25th was scheduled as my first day of work with a major company. Instead of calling to offer me the job, the company sent me a meeting invite to confirm that the position was mine to have if I wanted it. I was stunned but very excited about the opportunity because it was with a company that I very much wanted to work with. That's all I remember about the dream.

In real life, I am a freelancer and have gone on several interviews for full-time positions. The most recent one happened over a month ago with a major company (the same one I dreamed about) where I had a great interview; however, I have yet to hear back from them about the status of the position. Not sure if this matters, but Nov. 25th falls on a Saturday this year, yet in the dream that date fell in the middle of the week – either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. And I know this company would not have a new employee working their first day on a Saturday.

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