The Book, Conversations with God

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Bill Walker
2 months ago
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Not really sure where to post this so this will have to do. Just wondering if any of you ever read Conversations with God and what you thought about it? It's an old book so not sure if anyone even remembers it? A friend asked me what I thought about it recently so I decided ti read it. Well, I got about a quarter of the way through it before I finally gave up. It just was not ringing true with my beliefs. But who knows, perhaps I just am not ready for its message. Got any thoughts?

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Cheshire Cat
2 months ago
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If I remember correctly, it is a 3 book  series and I read them all. I liked them when I read them, but have since changed my opinion about a lot of that and feel it represents something called "spiritual bypassing". 

For anyone interested in a very informed rant about spiritual bypassing, Mark Passio has an excellent seminar on YouTube called "New Age Bulls*it". The website also has some excellent articles on spiritual bypassing.

If you don't like long and wordy, avoid A Course In Miracles. It makes Conversations with God look short and simple, IMO. 

2 months ago
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I read the foreword just to see what it was about. The part that struck me was this:

God: I talk to everyone. All the time. The question is not to whom I talk too, but who listens.

That communication to us from the Spirit is happening constantly. From inside and out. I get messages through nature, other people, and sometimes fortune cookies. He'll speak to us any way we listen, but we have to listen.

I've had many arguments with God. He always wins. In asking those vexing questions I have things explained to me in ways other people can not. I would never want to write them down. This back and forth communication is very personal. I think you could see this book as an example of that conversation, but your conversations @bill-walker would be different. Could be why your not getting into the book. Or it may challenge what you believe and you feel that it's hard to except. In which case I would say ask the Higher Authority. Go to the Source. I believe that's what the author intends here. To inspire us to have our own conversations.

We all have different beliefs. Sometimes slight, sometimes dramatic, but I would never want to tell you to believe anything that goes against your conscience. It's belief that is important. What ever it is that that increases your faith and brings you closer to God is what matters. But it can be hard to do if we hold on to those negative emotions that anchor us down and keep our beliefs from changing. No one man or woman has it right on everything. That is why I say go to the Source of all knowledge for conformation. I like hearing you say that it doesn't "ring true to my beliefs". It's a great opportunity to examine them. Are you up for the challenge?

Bill Walker
2 months ago
729 posts

Thanks you all! Great answers with considerable thought behind them especially considering that this book is twenty some odd years old. And yes, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate what I believe through some meditation sessions. I already pretty much re-evaluate things on a daily basis but haven't sat down for an in depth question and answer period with myself lately.

Funny thing here is that I used to write extensively here on EC and that is when I would travel deeply into my core to search for answers!

Thanks again everyone!   

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