Anyone else really sick with multiple sicknesses??? Unusually sick???

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3 months ago
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I'm just wondering if anyone else is like I am right now?  I'm wondering if it's due to pretty much the whole world being in a mess right now.  I know I let stress mess up my immune system and maybe I need to strengthen my shielding with all that is going on.  I'm also wondering if I felt this mess coming and just didn't realize it - talking about world conditions.  I am on antibiotics for stomach bacteria, thrush, my asthma started up and possible bronchitis- on top of arthritis pain from the decrease in barometric pressure.  Anyone else like this, or was everyone better prepared than I was :)

3 months ago
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I've gotten a lot of pains lately, but I haven't caught anything in a long time, but I have to blame that on a strong immune system from a careful diet. I've been getting a lot of body aches but the world is always a mess tbh. I think the best thing for you would be to look into some natural remedies for those things and if they get worse go see a doctor. I love Natural Remedies because they strengthen your immune system to fight off intruders and helps your body help itself, instead of medicine which either takes your body out of the equation entirely and possibly even hurts it as well.

Regardless, best of luck with everything, I hope it all gets better!

3 months ago
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@4peace I too am dealing with a lot of random issues - asthma, first ear infection since I was a kid, extreme tiredness, lack of energy, I am itchy and restless, sleep issues, easily weepy, muscle pains..the whole nine yards; just generally feeling drained and "off". As soon as I feel like I start to kick one thing, something else crops up. This happens to me when there is a seasonal change sometimes, when there is either a major energy shift or I am just emotionally overwhelmed; too much at once. So, I am taking some self care time, paying attention to what my body is saying and trying to get things back in alignment. good thoughts your way for feeling better!

3 months ago
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Yes, me too. I don't have that strong of an immune system, but I rarely had a fever or any sickness since I was a kid. But for the past few years, it's weird how I have to deal with frequent migraines, muscle pains, severe exhaustion, panic attacks, and digestive issues. They are happening to me more frequently and it's freaking me out - it's like there's no time to rest from getting sick.

I do suspect that the world being such a mess right now has a big role in this, and I am working my way towards shutting off all those "pollutants" from my radar.

I agree with @loconnoro with the Natural remedies, I find myself reaching out for a teabag these days than my usual cups of coffee. I also find physical exercise really helpful - though all that I can handle for now is brisk walking on a treadmill or going out for walks.

Let's all get better and healthier soon!

Hop Daddy
2 months ago
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I seem to also go through cycles where I get sick every 3-4 months and can't shake a cold or respiratory flu for many weeks. I am pretty healthy overall but do have constant digestive issues and bloating. I attribute that in part to being an empath (since I know it's very common). And I think cycles of sickness is just my body's way of telling me that I need to do better grounding out the daily negative energy that I take in. And as you touched on, there is a lot of negative out there these days. In many respects, society is not in a good place right now and everyone is on edge and angry. And we empaths get to deal with that each day and it takes its toll.

@eri-ameonna, migraines and stomach issues are classic empath problems. Most of us deal with those issues so you are not alone. Proper sleep and nutrition can help. But I'm not yet ready to trade in my daily coffee. Wink

Mike Simpson-Rogers
2 months ago
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I have been I'll since I graduated High School. The last few weeks has been especially hard. Not only do I have to deal with 2 diseases. But, with being an Empath I am able to feel this planet we live on, and I can feel energy from the life on it. I can't turn off the energy from Nature. That's to hard to ignore. I have learned with practise if I don't look into eyes I can ignore whom ever it is.
With a very heavy heart still, Sunday I found out my sister was in ICU on life support. I live in So Cal, she's back in Utah. I can't travel and needed to see her. So I layed down to sleep. I had a dream that I was standing next to her bed looking at her. Just as a nurse came in, it looked like she looked at me. Then I woke up. This happens to me where I can project t. But I never remember where I have gone and the details. This was different. She passed day before yesterday at 1 AM.
I physically hurt and now have to take a few days bed rest. Her brain swelled. For the few days till she died I felt her headache when she passed the headache was gone. I am drained. Time for a crystal energt intervention. That always seems to help.
Like I said having 2 diseases and all this take a major role out of me. Is it like this for anyone else?
2 months ago
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I'm very sick from stomach. Now I understand its my solar plexus
Hop Daddy
2 months ago
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Sorry for your loss. If you feel connected to the planet and feel the pain of collective humanity, that is a very heavy weight to carry. I have felt the same from time to time but mostly pick up on nearby energy these days. I would imagine being that tuned in to a vast group has caused some of your issues. All I would say is that you probably need to be an expert at daily grounding to try to get that out of you so that it does not cause physical damage.


Solar plexus pain? Bingo, and welcome to the club. Happy I feel the same and get upper and lower stomach pain daily. It presents as bloating. I have to eat really clean but bland food. And grounding has really helped me clear out some of that upset stomach. 

one month ago
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My stomach has been a mess the past 2 weeks as well. Heartburn, bloat, and gas in my chest. Hard to breathe sometimes and I am belching constantly, which is not lady like at all. And hiccups. I rarely ever hiccup.
Hop Daddy
one month ago
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Something is not right in the world right now (more than usual). My 16 year old son thought he had a psychic attack yesterday with sudden solar plexus pain and feelings of anxiety out of nowhere (at his happy place the gym). He is an empath as well but has not had that whammy of feelings and pain before. And then I feel like someone cast a spell on me this past week as I am weakened, emotional, and feeling like I need to go lie down. I don't have any sickness symptoms but yet don't feel right. I awake each day feeling totally unrested and can't seem to sleep well (more than usual). I think I may have found the answer when I read this other recent blog post. Aside from what may be going on in our individual lives and local people sphere, there seems to be something bigger brewing:

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