The Light

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3 months ago
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The Light

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine….

Something so simple yet profound.

In the darkness I am found.

I used to feel that I had no choice

That nobody would listen to my voice

Protect and shield was my way

Hiding from the pain of day

Quite certain this was my plight

To go about life with no sight

Fear and Anger lead my life

Causing not but only strife

Thinking I was alone and lost

One day I finally paid the cost

It was in me burning bright

Trapped there was my light

Knowing now that I am one

I feel it burning like the sun

I was meant to share it wide

Not push it deep down inside

We just have to give up the fight

Courage and love feeds our might

If you listen you too can hear

He will help you lose the fear

I am you and you are me

Together now we can see

Balance and faith we must gain

Then we can release the pain

We are here to be bold

Embrace each other in the cold

3 months ago
91 posts

Hide it under a bushel? NO! I'm gona let it shine!

I don't know what to say. You have a gift, dude. Thanks for sharing. 

3 months ago
36 posts

Thanks.  I'm working on a few new pieces

3 months ago
7 posts

"We are here to be bold"...I love it. Thank you for sharing that. You have quite a talent. It was awesome to see that when I got on the forum...much needed...crazy how that works, eh? Cheers!

3 months ago
36 posts
This is one of my favorites. Anytime I fall off track I come back to it, also the one I'm drawn to share the most.

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