Body Exhaustion

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5 months ago
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Hello everyone, it's be a while since I've been on. My brother went to Marine boot camp for 3 months and had a successful time there, but since he's been back (2 days now) my body has been incredibly tired. I haven't done anything to exhaust myself like this, and I know he's extremely tired right now. Is there anything I can do to at least help myself with this? I go to work and nearly fall asleep because my body is so slow and tired, not to mention I keep having these high anxiety and panic moments. He is my Twin brother if that has anything to do with it... he's tired for sure, and I was getting these anxiety moments while he was doing his Crucible and then again when he was graduating (he gets social anxiety and I'm sure it was emotional)
Any advice please!? Thanks in advance!!
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5 months ago
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wow sorry to hear this. i dont have an answer would would love to know the answer as a close friend got back feom europe monday and i have had jetlag all week...sleeping around 4pm and getting up at 2am since it is 5 hours ahead...
5 months ago
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wow that's crazy... It seems like we're in the same boat haha @bunnigirl

4 months ago
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Is it possible you are picking up his tiredness? There are days I'm so tired I can't move and I don't know why either. Then I learn that evening my dad has been the same way all day. I'm very close to my father. I have to force myself to do things to get some energy back. Even if it's 5 minutes on a jump rope lol. Maybe go for a walk and listen to music that makes you happy? That helps me too.
Hop Daddy
4 months ago
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I know a bit about the military and the Marines in particular break-down the minds and bodies of soldiers during boot camp. And then they reshape them into a unit. It's effectively a form of brain washing and the military is quite good at that. It's not something the average person would want to endure. But for those that become soldiers it is critical for them to make the conversion from self to unit. So your brother is understandably exhausted both physically & spiritually.

As a twin I would expect you two to be very connected. But as an empath that really adds an extra element to your connectedness with your brother. I would think after a few days of being home that he would start becoming less tired and snap back to more of himself. So that in itself may make it easier on you. But I would also suggest carrying protection stones to try to dull some of what you pick up from him. And try to incorporate daily grounding meditations to flush what you take in out of you. Best of luck.

Deborah Craig
4 months ago
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@loconono. I had this connection with my brother who was 10 years older than me who is now deceased!  I would take a step and my back would go out,he came home with the exact same pain! I was like WoW....He thought I was making fun of him,I said no and when his pain lessened so did mine and left when his left which was that evening!  All he said to me at that time, was that he said when that happens I really need you!  And if I was laying in bed going to sleep and feeling melancholy,I got up and asked him to please stop so I could sleep!  I couldn't disconnect from him,and I really didn't want to!  But it wasn't an everyday occurance with him,he lived with me and my husband for 3 years,then moved out...He moved, and died shortly after...It was no coincidence he lived with us.i got to know him even better because he was 10 years older....I'm grateful for that! After he died,I didn't want to know anything about anyone!  We weren't even twins,I could only imagine!  When I asked my brother are you feeling this or that? He would answer truthfully where on the other hand I would ask my husband, but he would lie and I knew he was lying so I don't even know why I asked him,lol

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