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I'd recommend posting current photo of yourself that show your face & eyes clearly.

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This is going to sound strange, but,  are you worried about someone you know, (specifically or in general) of someone you know... dying? Could be a mother or a female family member your worried about?It just feels like your afraid someone you love is going to die soon. And did you have an experience similar to this in the past, knowing someone was going to die before they did? I do't know if I am reading this right, but this is what I am picking up. The fear, on a deeper level, seems to be rooted in fear of being left alone or not wanting to be left alone.

I don't know if you know this already, but you also feel close to spirit, meaning your sensitive to spirits. It's a form of Mediumship.

I'm also picking up some sadness/grieving, again, feels like it's towards an older female you were closely connected to. It feels like you miss her dearly. Doesn't feel recent, maybe years past, but the sadness is still there. Again, feeling some loneliness. Though it doesn't feel like you show it to others. It feels like you hold pain in your heart, but it isn't shared much or at all with others. You feel very strong on the outside, but on the inside, it's like a secret place that you hold so much in. Alot of people don't see this part of you, but your a very sensitive person. Hmmm, I just picked up an older male in spirit as well. I'm seeing him in what appears to be a hospital bed? He was sick, it feels like he was sick for a time before he passed.

I'm also picking up stress, possibly work related, it feels like it concerning a person or certain people you are associated with.

It feels like there is alot of emotions that have been hidden within that is now coming to the surface. You've always been the person who found it difficult to express alot of emotions, I keep hearing "don't want to be a burden, what can they do anyway's" so you held alot of things inside. It feels like the well is full and the heart is releasing alot of old emotions and energy. Like the emotions are now coming to the surface and either your coming face to face with it and being forced to deal with them, or to release them. It's a form of healing. I am also picking up that this is a request, noone wants to really come face to face with the things we bury within, but it feels like you asked for help on something, it has something to do with connection and love with someone close to you, and this release will open up new opportunities for the change you seek. Kind of like that saying "out with the old, in with the new. Not everything can be released, sometimes it needs to be fully healed and in order to do that, we have to come face to face with it and accept that it's there.

They Angels are asking you to have peace and to let you know that they are helping you. It feels like this is related to either work or a financial situation you are currently in. They also threw the "all is well" card. It feels like some of your anxiety is due to the anxiety and feelings your not used to having but having now. This feels like there is some health concern you may have. If it is a health related issue, then you may want to get checked out by a professional, but they did also give me the "all is well" card. This is a positive card and letting you know they are with you and things will be ok.

Please let me know if this makes sense to you . Thank you

Blessed Be,


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