Sound Healer and Shielding

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8 months ago
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Hello All! I would love your advice on the topic of being a professional healer in sound and using empath abilities and how to shield yourself before the session, during the session and after the session.  I have worked on a few people and my health is already not the best and I am further taking in their energy physically and emotionally so I have had to halt.  I know I am being pushed to ramp up this gift especially now from angels.  I also heard that your body needs to be 'clean' as far as food intake to protect you or the client? They always feel so much better but I don't.  My body is on its way to being clean as far as gluten free/dairy free/caffeine free/sugar free but the sugar is a tough one...I keep going back and forth to clean and triggered into eating due to all of the overwhelming energies going on since January and has taken me out of my 'job' that does not resonate for me anymore anyway...Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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7 months ago
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Thank you @melissa123.

7 months ago
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Which kind of healing are you asking about ,
7 months ago
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Hi @bunnigirl
Food is very important, as what you eat eventually becomes you. First of all, vitamins are important, especially Bs and Ds. Furthermore, since you are doing healing work, having enough water is important. Besides plain water, try teas and infusions. I do recommend green tea (try jasmine green tea), pennywort tea and juniper berry tea. Green tea detoxes, and taken with some moderate caffeine, like puerh tea is effective in keeping the mind clear. Pennywort is good even if you don't do any healing. Its great for anxieties and helps circulation. Juniper berries is great for digestion and bloating. Wgen doing healing, bloating can occur as we absorb any negative energy. Juniper berry tea help here. Besides tea, watercress is good in healing and recuperation. It is the healing food of choice for hippocrates. Besides these, honey and olive oil. You can even mix honey and olive oil and put it in your hair if you want to try. Also, its good to put a pritective layer of olive oil on your skin. It not only protects against dryness, but also absorption of negative energy. Before going to bed, rub some olive oil on the soles of your feet, on top of the feet, the ankles, your shins and lower legs, until below the knees. Also, as a healer, being able to release energy is quite important. Rubbing with a green jade foot scraper helps release blockages and trapped energy.
Other than that, with sound healing, it is quite possible to do healing with energy moving one way, from you towards the patient, thus little need for you to absorb their energy.

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