How do you perceive others emotions?

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JoAnn H
8 months ago
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This is a question for those of you that has a better understanding of their empathy. I know that when I feel someone else it comes from outside of my body. I know my emoitions come from inside. I tend to think of my skin as my barrier. It is how I control my empathy. How do you perceive it?
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Trevor Lewis
8 months ago
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I perceive others' emotions exactly the same way as I perceive my own.  I cannot tell the difference unless a) the emotions have a different "flavor" or "feeling" than one I am used to, or b) I simply remember to ask "is this mine?"

When it's not mine, most of the time the emotion will melt away because I let go of the justification for why I am feeling that way.

8 months ago
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I am a newly aware Empath and I think it was @trevor-lewis, or others on this forum, that advised me to ask 'is this mine.'  I feel no difference.  Honestly, it seems like my clue is that the emotions of others are stronger than my own and I am feeling them with such intensity that I remember to ask 'is this mine'.  If I ask myself 'is this mine?' and am clear on the answer, like Trevor said, it almost instantly melts away and makes me smile instead.  That has helped a lot, but sometimes I feel like I forget and then I feel a bit buried with negativity and I have to spend some time by myself and recover!

8 months ago
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I don't know how to explain it except for like a vacuum. I just suck it right up. It's an intense feeling of happy/sad/anger/etc emotion that the person is feeling. When I've totally destress ed and grounded is when I feel it hit the hardest, but if I'm bottled up it mostly makes me dizzy/light headed sometimes a chest tightness if it's just negative emotions. The negativity clearly affects me and I'm sure everyone else the most.
8 months ago
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Perceiving emotions is probably one of the most fundamental aspects for empaths.
For me, I'd say it's more like experiencing the emotions as if they were my own. I do regularly ask the question, where did this emotion come me from. Yet, I find that it is more powerful to couple that question with the question: 'Is this emotion helping me in any way.' Then the choice is simply to absorb the emotion or to just let it float on by. Sometimes it is preferred to absorb another person's anger or agitation slightly. It is not that we want to become angry people. Rather, we want to understand their point of view better. Having our emotions more aligned to theirs gives better comprehension and perspective of any issue they are trying to bring to attention. When we absorb, we also share in their ability to respond. For instance, in facing an angry child, when we absorb slightly, we then have the option to delve deeper into the emotion. We might find that perhaps there is some fear underneath the anger that they are feeling frustrated with. We can then 'lend' our own understanding of that fear as a response.
Now this is not to say that everyone should be open to emotions all the time. Rather, for most, it might be perfect to have a barrier of sorts. Perceiving your skin as that barrier is a perfect example. This mode enables someone to do certain tasks, while still being sensitive enough to the emotional landscape to respond well to any coming circumstance. When I mention emotional landscapes, I mean that sometimes the person we contracted the emotion from is not the actual source of the emotion. Many times, the person we are in contact with probably contracted the emotion from someone else. This could go on until we find the eventual 'ground zero'. In instances like this, the 'explorer' mode is very helpful.
Living a more emotionally balanced life for empaths can be as simple as becoming adept in switching between these two 'mode'. In fact this should be one of tbe first things covered if we ever get together to make an 'Empath's and Intuitive's Body of Knowledge'.
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Hop Daddy
8 months ago
502 posts

Great topic. I think the day I can instantly & fully separate my emotions from what I pick up from others, you can all start calling me Master Hop Daddy.  Wink  That is the hardest thing to do. I think we all aspire to be able to do that reliably.

I feel emotional energy just like what @trevor-lewis noted. And it mostly feels like mine. The most common emotions I pick up from people are usually anxiety and just general lowness or unhappiness. And those are the tricky emotions in my opinion as they sneak in quietly and seem to masquerade as my own. I can over the course of minutes be able to think it through and identify what energies are mine and which are others. But I can't do that instantly as some of the more accomplished empaths can.

The only time I know for sure that it is not mine right away is when I witness an argument or someone having a loud angry meltdown. Watching little kids have temper tantrums can be really hard on me. I can literally feel the anger shooting out from them like an exploding grenade. I am especially sensitive to anger and rage. I feel it hit me like a shock wave right in the solar plexus. And my solar plexus will ache for hours afterwards until I find a way to ground it out.

But I do have a question for all of you. When someone is sobbing in despair or really red faced angry, do you feel that intense energy stay in that area even after the person leaves the room? I can sometimes feel that for hours. It's almost as if that intense energy balled up right where the incident happened. Does this happen to anyone else?

Trevor Lewis
8 months ago
272 posts

@hop-daddy: do you feel that intense energy stay in that area...

Personally, not that much but there are LOTS of stories about old buildings, especially prisons (and worse) retaining that energy in the walls so you are not alone in having that experience.

8 months ago
104 posts
Yes, I do notice that energy. Sometimes its interesting to explore that energy, and it seems the energy does affect people in the room. Most time I will help the energy clear by moving my hand in a circular motion, as if to help the energy flow. Sometimes I feel that I have to do something more, like brush the room, wipe any dust and tidy up a bit. Sometimes I sit or stand somewhere in the room and feel or have a small conversation with the room. Interestingly, it seems Dr Hew Len, Joe Vitales friend and Ho'oponopono mentor, interacts with rooms and energy too, though it seems at a much more advanced level.
8 months ago
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There are a few different degrees of perceptibility.. the ones where I feel emotions as if they were my own (only recently...few years have I started being able to differentiate them) happen between me and family and very close friends. Otherwise it happened with other people sometimes but they were sudden surges so it's always been easier to tell apart. I've let myself dragged down by other people's emotions so many damned(shh) times... 

Then there is something about emotions that are a result of intense wishes that the individual wants fulfilled. This can happen with animals as well (i.e. horses) and has happened to me. What I mean is: a horse riding center I went to had a pretty sick horse that couldn't be ridden (Respiratory issues> coughing, pulmonary pain, mucus). He was not only hungry for some love and affection, but a few seconds after looking at him I was transported for a brief moment in my head on a meadow watching a horse run and feeling as if this was the biggest most intense wish I (the horse) had and then I felt as if I wanted to take him out of there, and it was pretty annoying to try and calm myself :) I figured they must have been keeping him closed inside the stables for ages and I did not like it. I don't have any training about horse health and stuff, but the picture I got was crystal clear, I wished they took him out. I went and told them my thoughts (obviously not what I've seen they would have thought I'm crazy I guess) and yet they kept keeping him inside for another 2 weeks until the vet came. He hasn't been out in 2 months. The vet was negatively impressed and told them the horse needs to stay out as much as he can, and that the stables are only aggravating his condition because of the hay dust and all.

Another one was while riding, a few moments after hopping in the saddle i felt as if someone stabbed my leg. Then the next few moments after stretching I noticed there was nothing wrong with mine... I told my trainer there is something weird with my leg and I think with the horse as well... soon enough he started walking weird or lumping, though I was pretty newbie at that time so my trainer noticed the horse first... well apparently he had to lounge him for another 15 minutes while I (my leg) was fine the entire time. 

It's not the only case I got sudden images containing emotions/wishes, but it's the freshest, and was by far among the clearest I've ever got, the one with the sick gelding. That's animals for you... clear consciousness.

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7 months ago
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I had a real problem with this until I started spending a lot of time alone and got to know myself better. Going though all my files of feelings.
The air around people seeps into me and I feel it and return it to the air. It took me a long time and a lot of balancing to be able to do this and I learned not every emotion deserves a reaction. I do try to stay away from people that breeds bad energy or have uncontrollable attachments But ...I do have to deal with the public from time to time.
The trick with any emotion filter is , do not let it attach and become part of your reality. Hard to do sometimes though.
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7 months ago
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Most of the time, I can't tell which emotions are mine and which aren't unless the emotions others are feeling are very extreme. If someone is really happy, I sometimes get confused to why feel really happy too, and it isn't until they leave when I realize it was most likely the other persons emotion I was feeling. Likewise, when someone is really angry, I feel really angry too, until they leave.

For the longest time before I found out about empaths, I thought everyone felt like this, and we all just wouldn't act on these emotions, like what @rene said: not every emotion deserves a reaction.  For example, when I feel extreme negative emotions like anger and frustration, I'll take a step back, and sometimes laugh at this extreme feeling because I don't know why I'm feeling this emotion, especially to this extent. This thankfully is enough to usually calm me down.

When I'm spending time with my family, I feel like I can pick out my own emotions better compared to when I'm with friends or strangers. This is probably because I am so familiar with their energies and emotions. I've been spending more time by myself and this also helps me to keep my head clear of other's emotions, and will hopefully help me constantly listen to my own emotions more rather than others.

7 months ago
783 posts
I tend to feel other people's emotions in a few different ways...first i'll feel it as a heavy energy entering my energy field as I talk to someone....when the energy is extreme I feel it pressing into my heart Chakra. ..and if my mood suddenly changes from being calm and happy to angry and agitated i'll know it's not mine...but i'm helpless to go against the emotions until they clear out of my system....sometimes it clears when the person leaves my presence. ..or last a few hours or all day depending on how dark and heavy the energy is....the thing is I always get the dark energies....they may be laughing or seem in a good mood but they have something causing me to change...I can't help that...sometimes if the emotions and energy are actually painful i'll clear any links and cords that may have attatched...usually that takes care of the issue and i'll need to rest after to let any residual energy left to disipate....some people just drain me...

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