Empaths and NDE's or Near Death Experiences

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Bill Walker
8 months ago
729 posts

I've been doing a lot of reading recently on many subjects that we find here on EC. One thing that sparked my interest was that apparently people who have had either a NDE (Near Death Experience) or some other emotional tragedy of a very extreme nature often times develop their Empathic abilities a short time after this event. I was wondering if any of our many emapths here on this site belong in this category? If you want to write a response but not make it public you can send me a personal message which I will keep confidential. 

The other question that would correspond to this: Were you, as far as you can recall, born with this ability? 

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Hop Daddy
8 months ago
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I personally have not been near death in the classical sense of being in a comma or bleeding out from a car wreck etc... But I had two distinct events in my life that I would call near-death misses where someone unseen stepped in and caused me to avoid what would have been a fatal accident.

But I can't say either event resulted in me becoming an empath. When I look back to when my empathic skills started in strength it all started after a period of prolonged and extreme stress about 8 years ago. I was not dealing with the stress well at the time and I literally felt something snap in my mind that seemed to reveal my empathy. In hindsight I think I had some empathic gifts as a child that I just thought were coincidences and blocked them. And then it all came together and awakened me 8 years ago.

Calla Lily
8 months ago
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Although I did have an NDE at the age of 24, when I actually recognized my empathic abilities at 36 and thought back, I realized I'd had them since I was a small child.  The other abilities I have were also around long before the NDE.  My childhood was normal except a lot of teasing/bullying at school from other kids and also a volatile household at times with temperamental father and oldest brother.  Being a sensitive introvert, I would usually head for a quiet place until the turmoil was over with.  Since I was that sensitive at the earliest age I can remember, I believe I was born this way.  There are also other empaths in my family/extended family with various other abilities as well. 

8 months ago
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My NDE was about a decade ago, and after that I felt my central nervous system was shot. I thought it was because of that, about 2 years after something triggered and I started havibg full blown attacks. Started seeing a therapist and from then on I learned about my gifts. It made sense how growing up I'd hear and see things not there, but as a kid who doesn't like a good ghost story right? Then again I always thought people could feel and sense otheRS emotions.
8 months ago
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I have not had a nde. I do however have family members who I believe are empaths. I say believe because a discussion of this nature wouldn't occur for religious & fearful reasons. Sad, we could be a hood support for each other.
Cat Whisperer
8 months ago
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As for your question, yes I do believe that I was born an empath, but didn't realize this until a couple of years ago. Really need to go back about ten years to an incident which I don't really describe as a NDE per se but I did have an experience that brought me to this spiritual path that I have been on. I have wrote about this on here in the past but I will share again.
I had been dealing with a lot of depression (have had all my life but now I know why) and was rather suicidal at the time. I was in a lone car wreck (not intensional) that landed me down in a ravine and head on into a tree in an area notorious for no cell phone service. After the impact I looked down and my phone was laying next to me. I was able to call my husband and let him know where I was at and that I might need an ambulance. When he arrived, he tried my phone but it didn't work...his didn't either. I was not hurting but I couldn't stand up (my back was broke), I had such a peaceful loving feeling as if I was cradled in these loving hands. I was told that it was not my time...I am here for a reason. I felt no panic but rather unusually calm considering by that time someone had gone to a neighboring house to call for help, so there were emergency crews and husband there..all rushing around. I told them I would be ok. It was the most wonderful feeling to be in the presence of the Devine! I have not had those suicidal thoughts since.
Still to this day I drive by that place and try my phone...still no service. Someone was with my that fateful day. I still reflect on it and smile.
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8 months ago
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I was born an Empath...more than likely came from my Grandmother who is Native Indian and my Mother who loved animals.My abilities were enhanced by "Life" bullied as a kid,been rear ended 5 times,head on collision with a drunk driver and broadsided once,fell down a mountain when I went skiing once,crashed several times on a mountain bike and dirk bike...never broke anything but there were always memory lapse's after the accidents 15-30 seconds. Before I was 10 I personally knew 4 kids that died and how they died,best friend and another friend died in HD and so on.

As it has been mentioned here and articles is our Empathic abilities are sort of an extreme awareness of our surroundings and beyond.

Corey Easton
8 months ago
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I know I was born with my abilities, but I didn't know or understand them until a few years ago. I had a NDE I drove about 60-65 mph straight into a  6 foot ditch when I fell asleep while driving in a snow storm, I felt two vibrations one in front of my chest the other on my back and it held me in place, the magnetic force of the 2 forces gave me a slight concussion but with out it I would probably not be here today, I had no injury's and totaled my car

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7 months ago
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No NDE's here, but I've been fighting major depression since I was a very small child. I think it's exacerbated by empathy. I think my empathy has gotten stronger as I've gotten older. I feel grief-stricken right now, for no reason except that I hate the state of the world, and I may be picking up some of my neighbor's grief - she just lost her young son very suddenly. Watch the movie "Resurrection" with Ellen Burstyn - based on a true story. She had an NDE and developed healing powers.

Bill Walker
7 months ago
729 posts

I have seen Resurrection. What a great movie, thanks for the comment!

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