Two souls in one body

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Hello everybody

I have this really strange question: is it possible, that in one body two souls incarnated - like one frontend and one backend? What I don't mean is: siamese twins, walk-in souls or psychosis with different personalities. Just two souls in one body, possibly even of different sex, one active and one passive, but they can exchange place and do communicate. Perhaps an accidental incident, or for the purpose of healing or even hiding? Anybody experienced or heard of something like this?

I'd be grateful for any chared experience.

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Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
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I have heard of the souless being concept (popularized by Tom Montalk). But I have never heard of 2 souls in one body before. I suppose full on possession could cause something that would seem like two entities in a body. But aside from that, I would think mental illness like multiple personalities could mimic two souls. But if you can explain more of your story and what you're after, perhaps we can help.

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This is an interesting question. I am aware of the walk-in cases where the original soul either exits or fades to the background; usually due to an inability to continue a life mission but, haven't considered much on other cases.

Some people who are chimeras claim that the soul of their absorbed twin still exists and that they carry and communicate with this soul/twin. Many an artistic chimera will say that their twin's soul is their muse.

I can't say that currently I have any direct knowledge of this but I can relate to it because of my pregnancy experience and direct communication with my son's soul before conception and before/after his birth.

I was 35 when I had him, had been mostly single through out my life and really wasn't close to any mothers. My friend's children were much older than my son...and he was close to age of his cousins' children.

Anyway, during what I believe to be the 'act of conception,' I was very aware of his presence, in a sort of far away misty recognition. I had had 2 miscarriages before and feel that he was a long time trying to be born to me. But that times were not quite right for his entrance.

I distinctly remember, during sex, his presence and having the projected thought, "Okay, you can enter now." During pregnancy, I saw him many times as to what he would look like and that was correct. I was very heightened with psy abilities and shared much thought back and forth with him.

We carry a heavy karmic relationship good and not so good and he was a long time coming out. I wasn't dialating and ate 5 meals in the birthing room and went thru many tubes of induction cream....they asked if I wanted to try another tube [for a vaginal birth] and I finally told them to sharpen their knives. [for a C section] I was also afraid of normal birth due to 2 ruptured disc surgeries in my past.

So, one COULD say that I was carrying 2 souls for a time. 🤔

My intense connection continued with him after birth. Example: My sister-in-law gave a satin blanket to me at the hospital and when that silkyness touched his cheek, I was overwhelmed by feeling what he did, in the physical, but without learned words to describe the feel of that satin blanket on his face. We are still tied somewhat this way.
When I asked other mother's about this, they told me, "No, I never experienced anything like THAT!"

I have a magnet on my fridge which reads:

🍀"I smile because you're my son. I laugh because
There is NOTHING you can do about it."🍀
[got it at an Irish festival]
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I read your post but I would not brush any of concepts away that you mention because I believe at any moment when we astral project or anytime we leave our body , someone else could possibly slip in or like he mentioned above. Also whos to say your twin isnt in the body with you instead of a separate body. Also it makes me think of the ego that splits. Not all ego is bad. Another thing to think about is the left brain/right brain theory. I use to think I had a double opposite. I lived two different life’s in one body but it turned out a battle with my ego about my true self. Some times shadow work is needed to find out who we really are.
Very interesting to say the least

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